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Binary Imperfections



Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world 

– Robert Hillyer

Ever wondered what true perfection is? Being born with the best looks, living in a mansion that has more rooms than people occupying it, endless amounts of money to swim in. That’s me, filled with old money, and let me tell you; perfection might sound amazing but perfection comes with flaws. Perfection is like a disease that lives inside you that attracts others imperfection; it can attract many things, but the worst thing perfection attracts is people. Someone would rather have recognition instead of trying to fix their imperfections. These recognitions than lead to traits such as kissing up to one another or the worst part; people following you around hoping your perfection will rub off on them, and take away their imperfections away. This creates an amazing phenomenon called and inflated, self serving, arrogant, *******, or formally known as to being pretentious. 

Although I might be wealthy and get the highest grades in school, I do have one imperfection. After noticing this common trend with people who are full of imperfections feeding off of other people who have perfections, life itself becomes more bothersome and boring than unique and interesting. So I decided to put a stop to this vexing issue and just decided to say the magic word. No. “Hey, Jared are you doing anything later, want to have fun?”


“Jarred I really need this video game and my parents won’t buy it for me, I know you’re rich and all would you mind doing me this favor.”


And trust me you don’t have to say it, I know I’m an *******. But sometimes people need a simple answer to get it through their thick head. And if you’re worried that I hurt their feelings, don’t worry about it because surprisingly this method works a lot better than expected. I expected people hate me and drift away from me, but they didn’t. It seems like perfection is worst than a drug if humans are able to touch perfection they feed off of it like they haven’t eaten in days. That’s me, a walking drug.

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself: How can Jarred be a perfectionist if he’s an *******

 I’ll tell you how; I’ve never gotten lower than a 105 percent on test in all subjects, and if you’re wondering how I got over 100 on all my test, it’s because I finish all my test 40 minutes before the test ends and all the teachers always offer extra credit for finishing early. I’m ranked the hottest guy in school by the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior girls. I’m captain of the Soccer team and the basketball team. And currently, I’m being begged by elite colleges to skip senior year and go to college. So if me being an ******* is a flaw, I can easily pay for everyone’s college tuition, I mean hell I could pay for everyone’s college tuition and buy them all new Lamborghinis while I’m at it. I’m just an ******* because society kisses up on me. If society treated me like everyone else I wouldn’t feel the need to use the “magic word.” At least that’s what I thought until I met her.

I don’t think I have ever met someone with so many imperfections in my life. But her Imperfections were different, each imperfection made you want to gravitate towards her. It was as if the roles had flipped, instead of people with imperfections feeding of other people with perfections, I suddenly wanted to be unfitting, I wanted to be inadequate, inaccurate, incorrect, flawed, unathletic. I wanted to be imperfect.

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