Bianca’s Deadly Adventure

By @HailieG25

Bianca’s Deadly Adventure

By @HailieG25

A young woman got killed why she was a spy for the British army. No one knew who killed Bianca so it started a new war in 2018.

Chapter 1

Bianca’s story

There was a 20 year old girl her name was Bianca she had 2 children they were both girls she also had a husband but unfortunately he passed away . After her husband passed away she decided she needed to step up for her children Christine and Ava to have the best life they can live. She decided that she was going to join the war and leave her kids with her mother. She had to find a way to join the war because women weren’t able to join. so she dressed as a guy and made it successfully into the army. she was proud of herself. One day she got a note saying the British Army would pay her 200 dollars, which was needed, every week if she was a spy for the british army.she agreed even though she would be going against her country’s back and spying on them. It was success at the beginning she was getting enough information back for them to plan an attack she was getting paid a lot of money just for this one job.

As time went on people such as Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Thomas Paine became more suspicious and asked why she took notes on everything they said. Bianca just said it was because she wanted to teach her kids when they got older so they could be in the war just like “him”. Just to remind you Bianca is a girl but dressed as a boy. So that she can be in was but her country does not know she is a girl. If they found out she was a girl and a spy she would be dead in seconds.The British army knew she was close to her country but they didn’t care. Their only fear was that they would have to kill her if she told her country she was spying on them. They could never know for sure though so it was a guessing game.

In 2001 The war was no longer happening but we all heard some tragic news Bianca was found dead in a old warehouse that was used to store guns she was about in the back and it was proven she tried to run and they shout her but it didn’t kill her so they hung her. Everyone was devised Especially her children. They were now each 15. The others were curious who killed her was it the British or her country? Everyone was unsure so they started to investigate each member of each country that was in war.

 All members that used to be in war that were still alive decided that they were going to begin a new war in 2018. This war was a battle about justice for Bianca and her family . We were still unsure who killed her but we had a clue that the British killed her because you quit and didn’t want to be a spy for them anymore and there email proof to prove it. The emailed stated that she quite being a spy for the British and one of the members of the British army said we will come kill you or your family. A joke or not this was important evidence.

In the end of 2018 we found out who really killed Bianca it wasn’t either of the country’s. So who was it? It was George Washington because he found out what she was doing behind there back from the emails sent back and forth from the British and the Bianca.                 


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