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Journey through the Drainpipe(A short story)

By @Lala_Land

~Journey through the Drainpipe~

It was one of those days, the dark and gloomy days. Rachel wasn’t here, she went to her best friends house. The silver clear water slid across my window, and the clouds kept crying. The branch outside my window held strong to keep the water above its head, kind of like me in gym trying to do pull ups, which I of course fail at pulling my head up to the metal bar. I glance around my gray room, no rainbows here, welcome to Grayville(not some retirement home). My phone was on the desk next to my bed,then it hummed,showing on the screen Mel’s text: Its Mel, hey Addie when r u going to the mall with me?. I don’t even want to morpe over to my phone to respond to my friend Mel’s text. A quick flash of lighting lit the room, as a fire from a lighting strike shriveling a leaf on the forest floor.My pale blue eyes sucked in the faint luster, like an explorer gone without water for days in a desert and soon to find a mini puddle of Adam’s ale. I, was soon to be alone with the darkness again, my old friend who I don’t mind staying around.

Whisshhhh,whooo,waaaaa went the drainpipe who kept throwing up the rains tears. It must have been a waterslide inside, with water going in and out. I close my eyes and let my face droop onto the window sill for what seemed as 5 minutes. I then open my eyes to find to my surprise I wasn’t in my bedroom sulking, I was instead somewhere leading to an opening of a water slide! Did I magically teleport to Rippin’ Waters water slide park?! I was still in my long sleeved gray shirt and jeans wearing my white Adidas,but I felt different. I saw a waterslide-like tube that looked way bigger than me and deeper than the normal ones.I wondered why rain did not fall on me and looked up to be a giant green thing. The floor beneath me was not the tiles with a kid jumping onto a raft into a waterslide tube but instead a brick pavement. Hold on a minute, water slide like tube, green thing, brick pavement? I must be on the roof! I look down to see a another tube opened leading to the other tube, knowing I would face myself either dying by jumping (If this is real) or sliding to me getting a heart attack.We all know which one I would choose.

I carefully rethought and pictured what I was about to do, slide down into the drainpipe, screen for my life and then laugh about how I daydream to much and should just ask my mom to take me to a waterpark.That’s IF I survive and/or my heart doesn’t come flying out of my chest.

Now,i’m not gonna lie but i’m a chicken,my mind thinks of way to back out of situations.

But my mind din’t have enough time to think of an exit plan. Suddenly a giant wave of rain water was hurdling toward me and I knew what I had to do.

Without thinking my tiny legs moved as fast as they could (Uhh, this is karma for not running laps at school during P.E.) with me jumping into the drainpipe , something I would never thought to be said in life.

Inside the white deep tube it smelled of rainwater, plants,mud and dirt.I made sure not to swallow any water.

The giant wave of rainwater was nearly apart from me, with me racing for my life in this death or life race while the rainwater having no choice but to continue his journey.Yet again I will be proud I when I knew I rode America’s biggest water slide, or in this case drainpipe.

After what seems as forever, I was reaching the end of my journey when I saw the bright light.

NO I WASN’T DEAD! The water then got thrown out and onto the ground along with me, as I experienced I did swallow water 5 times.

With my eyes still closed from the ride, I began to slowly open them.

As I opened my eyes,I noticed something green but blurry. OH NO! Was I back up on the rooftop again, will I ever stop this dream?!

I opened them thinking that I would see the drainpipe,and the brick floor,and the tree leaves.

But instead I saw my window,and the tree leave that now was dropping his head because of all the water.

I looked around to make sure I wasn’t dreaming…..

Why did it feel so real?

My sleeve was wet,what?

I decided to go along and maybe it’s cause I drooled, I then went to turn on the TV.

Sorry, but after a long journey through a drainpipe, I need to relax!

~The end~

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