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Beyond the Deep Water

By @Martinez90


The sun is bright in the middle of the blue sky. Heavenly.

The countryside is always so sunny and clear, showering everything with light and life. It’s perfect. The vast landscapes are full of pasture; grass that grows generously thanks to the sunshine, and open space; and this is what Camille enjoys most about the springtime. The season of rebirth. The life and freedom.

A time to feel the warming sun on her skin; burning it enough to give her a little color. Even with her eyes closed, Camille can see the brightness of the sunny day behind her eyelids. The fresh air makes its way through her pores, lightening up her body. The low wind makes the green grass dance beneath her clothes. The gushing lullaby as the wind moves through the trees; stirring up the smell of wet soil and fresh nature close to the lake. Birds pleasantly chirping as they fly across the horizon. So lovely and full of life. Majestic.

The girl’s long hair spreads like a blanket over the beautiful dandelions and yellow flowers around the lake. The cicadas singing nonstop in unison with the birds. This is the perfect time for it; the ending of the Winter and the start of Spring.

Camille’s fair skin is being gently caressed by the breeze of the early afternoon. The perfect soothing touch to her damaged arms. Her face warmed beyond normal, after being under the sun for many hours, although she’s not bothered by it. She loves it. It’s Relishing to her.

The crystal clear water of Blue Water Lake; her favorite place in Primavera Town. The lake takes its name from the beautiful aqua color that takes over the water. It’s almost like a mirror laying on the ground just to reflect the firmament.

And just like the sky; the lake doesn’t seem to have a bottom. No one has ever made contact with its floor, which is why it brings curious visitors. Making it the most important treasure of town that, it’s also named after the pleasant season of Spring. It’s a place everyone visits, but not on normal weekdays.Which is the perfect time for Camille to enjoy everything in peace.

Away from the eyes of the curious and gossip lovers that take pleasure in making assumptions about her appearance. People love to talk and make up stories about the way she looks. The distance she keeps from the rest of the world. How her family doesn’t seem to relate at all.

It’s hard for anybody to comprehend; how can such a delicate and pretty girl like Camille, can be the daughter of an alcoholic gambler, and a simple, stressed, worn out woman? A combination that could not be capable of creating a beautiful dollish looking girl.

Talking nonstop about how there can be the possibility that she’s not their real daughter. That her mother might have been unfaithful at one time, which can be a reason for her father crazy antics, consuming himself in alcohol and violence. Gambling the money they can hardly get.

To run away, and be far from people’s made up stories. And this time and this place are the most peaceful escape she can find. Her little piece of heaven. A paradise she needs to have for her own. Only on given days, that is.

A cloud covers the sunshine, which immediately awakens Camille’s fears as the shade slowly moves over her body. The memory of a young Camille running from a dark figure coming out of her bathtub tortures her. A creepy sound that comes from the water, right before a black mist spreads like an oil stain from under. Something reaching out cautiously for her. Especially to drag her into that bloodcurdling darkness, into emptiness. An unknown dimension.

The darkness only brings her memories of insomnia and martyrdom, to think that behind the dark, there’s something, silently stalking her. Waiting for the right opportunity to take her as it keeps calling her name. A taunting voice full of anguish and pain.

The feeling of many sleepless nights; where the shadows paralyze her body. Forcing her to stay glued to her bed while the chilly and spooky figure comes forward from the corner of her room. Watching as she struggles to convince herself that it’s only her imagination. Although deep down she knows there’s something real; something so real that, if she talks about it; she can be perceived as crazy and she doesn’t want to give her family any more reasons to be the center of attention of Primavera Town. 

The memory of always waking up alone in the darkness of her room, screaming for someone to save her from the nightmares. Someone to take her hand and bring her to the light, to break free from that excruciation. Even though, she still fears the darkness. Her sleepless nights have made of her a robot; someone that walks in the world without showing any emotion. With no reaction to the instigation of others. But deep inside, the need for someone to show up and save her from her miserable life is stronger than her own wish to be happy.

Her soul screams for a hand to help her, but she knows that nobody will hear her voice, nobody ever has. Her voice has been trapped inside. It has been since the first time she felt the scary shadow chasing after her.

But, what Camille doesn’t know; is that there’s always someone willingly listening to her voice; earnestly listening for a hint, even when it’s just a silent whisper of sorrow. Someone who wants to save her, to support her and take her out of her calvary. Only, if she would just ask. For now, until that moment comes, he will keep on waiting.

Taking deep breaths to calm her voice as she impatiently waits for the cloud to out of the way. Flexing her toes to their maximum. She can her cracking bones; as her muscles stretching to the point of almost tearing apart. Her arms straight beside her, tensely grabbing onto the grass, as dirt makes its way in between her nails. Camille prays to God, as the wind blows cold, carrying the familiar voices. Those creepy voices calling out her name. Whispering how much they want her, calling for her to join them in the darkness. Getting louder and louder as the cool breeze brushes over her. She adds more desperation to her prayers she hopes for the cloud to slide away.

“Help…” she cries quietly, a tear building in the corner of her eyes. Trying to stay control, a lump forms in her throat forcing her to breathe harder through her nose. God! she shouts in her mind.

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