Beneath Your Lies

By @writer

Beneath Your Lies

By @writer

Chapter 1


It started as a storm.

The kind that rains down an ocean from the skies, lightening dancing across the darkening horizon. The wind carried the scent of the sea although it was miles away. It was almost beautiful.

The calm before the chaos, that is.

It was at that moment when the storm was born, the local carnival had just performed its finale. Intoxicated customers that saw the impossible, had left the stadium cowering under the sparkling rain. The children thought playing with the puddles was a delightful idea, especially after all that other fun they witnessed at the carnival. But the parents knew better. After watching with anticipation as the horizon darkened and the thunder rumbled, it was time to call it a day.

There was absolutely no way anyone could be heard or seen if they were stranded during this storm.

As the rains started to crescendo in strength, Eleta Damaris quickened her pace to the nearest tavern. She didn’t know when the storm was going to reach its climax but she knew that with her luck, there would be no time for her to reach home before she was trapped within the storm.

After watching the carnival’s finest Curkis Majesterra, the finest circus of the entire nation, Eleta believed in all legends. At first she was a little skeptical but then she saw him. One of the performers had left the building and she had followed him, thinking what a bright opportunity to catch for the local paper.

Eleta could hardly contain her excitement: Eleta Damaris interviews famous Curkis Majesterra Athia; Front page edition!

She could imagine all the faces at the Express, their doubts about letting a girl write being erased all at once.

But instead of an interview, Eleta saw something worse. What was suppose to be an illusion, what was suppose to be a fake, something to do with the lighting, or science, or even God related, was actually reality. That the impossible exists.

All of the Athias had some abnormality that defied all natures and laws. It was hard to explain, but what Eleta did not notice thanks to the storm that hid all crimes, was that she had been seen spying on the boy.

It was when she was about to enter the tavern at the side of the alleyway when a shadow of something appeared behind her.

All the parents were right. They were the ones who were reasonable enough to notice the dangers and disadvantages of all situations. This was going to be a bad storm. Anything could happen and no one would ever notice.

And that was what happened when Eleta Damaris disappeared into thin air that night. The rain carried the sounds of her screams but the darkness blinded anyone who dared to wonder.

It started as a storm.

It ended with a sinister mystery.

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