BEN Drowned X Reader

By @zombie_mya
BEN Drowned X Reader

This is my first thing on Underlined so it will be cringey. Its just a BEN Drowned thing because people seem to REALLY like BEN. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

You First Meet

You were playing the new Legend Of Zelda game when, the screen went black. “Oh come on!!” you shouted at it. Red, pixely (Is pixely a word? Well, i’m making it one! — Mya) words came on making the sentence You’ve Met A Terrible Fate, Haven’t You? You took a sip of your water, thinking it was a prank.

Then, something came out of the TV. He looked about 12. (Your 17 in this. If your younger than that like I am…just go with it. — Mya) He was dressed as Link but had red eyes with black around them. There was also blood coming from them. You threw your water at him and he squealed like a little girl. You laughed at him. “Stop!!!” he shouted at you.

He saw you were playing Legend Of Zelda and asked to play. You handed him the extra controller and he sat next to you. After a while he started humming I Can’t Decide by Scissor Sisters. You looked at the time and said “I have to go to bed.”

He was about to crawl back through the TV when he said “Hope to do this again, Y/N. Names BEN by the way.” You nodded and he crawled through the TV. Wait…how did he know my name? Why did I even let him play Zelda with me? you thought. You decided to not let it bother you and went to sleep.


A/N: Jeff!!!! I told you to leave the reader alone!!! Anyways…I hope you enjoyed. I’m sorry its cringey. I don’t play Legend Of Zelda so I might get some stuff wrong and I’m sorry. This is my first time posting on Underlined so yea. Can’t wait to do the next chapter!

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