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By @HhWrites

A plan

Juliet laid in bed, staring at her ceiling fan spin around, she couldn’t sleep. She was too nervous.

She knew her boss, Nath had said that after they caught him and she was proven innocent and all was explained they would surely let her out of the cell but she couldn’t keep from stressing out, what if they didn’t what if she was trapped there forever? What if she had to stay in prison? What if that became her life? Her life?

She finally drifted off to sleep.


Juliet sat in a courtroom, it was outside or at least there were no walls, there was a floor, but no walls.

There was a huge ceiling fan, it covered the whole ceiling, there wasn’t a ceiling though.

She was in the seat as the judge, but she was the one being blamed guilty by the whole jury.

“You betrayed us as the judge, you are wrong and you shall not blame this man, Jordan Ericson.”

Shouted one person after another, Jordan sat down, she had never heard his name before but in her dream she knew he was John Doe. She didn’t know how she knew the name or where it came from but in her dream that was his real name, when she looked at him it was Mr. Nath she cried and said, “Mr. Nath, don’t do this, you’ve been John doe this whole time?” suddenly Mr. Nath walked up to her, she suddenly lost her ability to talk. He grabbed her face and suddenly she got this feeling she never felt before. And all of a sudden she was behind bars, not undercover but for falsely accusing him.

She saw her mom in the corner of the sell, holding a scratch off ticket, “Mom? You’re alive?”

“I won the jackpot honey, you can be baled. Try it, try it, try it.”

Then the ceiling fan from the courtroom fell down on top of her.


She jumped up out of bed as this suddenly woke her up, she was breathing heavily. Terrified, she slipped on her slippers, she had a nice room it was simple but it was clean, unlike her office she cared for her home, it actually seemed to mean something to her.

She walked in her kitchen filled a small glass with tap water before chugging the whole thing down. She opened a window and got some fresh air, Jordan Ericson, where did that name come from?


Juliet sat at her desk, hardly staying awake, she didn’t sleep the last night. She was dozing off and unable to concentrate constantly.

“Hey Juliet!” Said Sarah, “Did you get those reports about the new water fountains we were supposed to-” before she could finish Juliet slammed her head down on the table. “Juliet?”

“Huh? What? Yeah I just, exhaust asleepy, but yes the fountain wawa did be-” her head fell back down on her books again as she fell asleep.

“Oh, honey you’re gonna get a concussion, what happened to you?” said Sarah walking over to the desk and moving Juliet’s hair out of her face, “Hey I’ll tell Mr. Nath you need a sick day, you are clearly too exhausted to work.” she picked up the paper Juliet was working on and read it, it said, ‘today no good sleep is though I think fountains spurting water dangerous because it could squirt so far up your mouth it hits brain and death so coffee please’

She acted drunk when she was tired, Sarah shook her head and walked out with the paper.

About two hours later Juliet woke up, she grunted and noticed a cup of coffee with a sticky note ‘a little something to help get you through the day <3 , I occupied Nath :)'

Juliet smiled she didn’t really know what she did to deserve Sarah. She drank her coffee and finished up some paper work, she stood up and walked out the door.

Mr. Nath read the news paper in his office, he had on tiny glasses, he looked down at the paper giving himself a double chin. He suddenly heard a knock at the door, “Come in.” He said sipping some tea and putting the paper down. Juliet opened the door.

“Oh hello, Juliet.” he said taking off his glasses and setting them on his desk, “Got anything for me?”

Juliet sat the paperwork down, “Yes, it’s about the new water fountains.” He looked puzzled, “The water fountains?”

“Yeah, you know those kids who were getting sick from the water? Well anyways we need you to sign this, we just replaced them.” Mr. Nath looked confused once more, looked like he needed some coffee today too.

“We replaced the fountains, not the kids, Urinal.” said Juliet as she left

Nath scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Wait, Juliet?”

She reentered, “Yes Mr. Nath.”

“If we are continuing our John Doe plan, let’s continue it. We don’t know how long he’ll be there we do have our men monitoring it to spot him if he does leave but if it’s soon we may lose him, it will only be until you can get some suspects, we will get their fingerprints and see if it’s on the purse, okay? Once he’s caught, well that’s enough proof to get you out of there. When do you think you can? This week? Next week?”

She sighed, “Tomorrow.” his eyes widened. “Tomorrow, are you sure you’re prepared?”

“I am going tomorrow, I don’t wanna wait we are so close. I’m going tomorrow.”

“Well okay, I’m sure we can all chip in for your plane ticket. Good luck Juliet.”


Jordan had put on the kid’s uniform, drugged him and sent him off in a cab to new Zealand with the guy’s own money. He seemed to have a lot on his card. He said he was unnoticed anyways so nobody would recognize that it wasn’t him, he was supposedly in charge. He took the form of ‘Michael Tanner’, he was now impersonating a cop, one of the wildest things he’d ever done, he had two weeks before he had to get out and find a new prison to hide in from his father. He was scared but ready at the same time

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