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By @HhWrites

A Discovery

Juliet parked her black car in her reserved parking place outside of the police department.

She stepped out, brushing her hair out of her face.

She entered the lobby and waved at Sarah who was busily typing at her computer.

“Hey jewel!” said Sarah.

It was the beginning of a new day, just as Sarah’s sticker said “Each day is the first day of the rest of your life” she had the sticker on her wall

Juliet didn’t understand it and didn’t think she ever would. She grabbed the newspaper from the stand at the front desk and walked down the hall towards her office, same old office. She sat down in her chair and drank her coffee while reading the newspaper.


A man name Jordan Ericson walked quickly down the street, pushing through the crowd, perfect opportunity for a pocket lift, he squeezed by an elderly woman snatching her purse, walking off even faster. She cried out, “My purse, my purse, that man has my purse!” But the crowd of people on the street on that busy day was so loud no one heard her and once someone did he was already gone, it was too late.

He eventually slipped through them and into an alleyway.

He lifted the top to a secret entrance in the ground. And crawled down a ladder carefully shutting the top back.

Jordan was Dark haired and dark eyed. He was tan and very charming. He walked down a tunnel into darkness before finding his father talking to a bunch of buff men. “And I told him it was too outrageous to pay 50 gran. Sure I want it, sure I’ve been looking for over three years, but that was always a side job. Never my main project. And I will not pay that much for something that isn’t worth that much or wasn’t that important to me, they thought it was because it’s been three and a half years.” All the men with arms crossed started laughing, his father looked over their shoulders and saw his son, “Jordan! Hey man.” all the men turned around, Jordan was in pretty good shape himself, but compared to all the bigger men, and being the youngest, he looked much smaller, he looked up to them, “Hey, dad.” one of the men scoffed, “What do you got for us today?” said Jack, his dad.

Jordan cleared his throat and then straightened his back, standing taller “A purse, the woman I took it from has all sorts of fancy jewelry on so I figured she’s got some money…you can look.” he said handing it to the men

Jack grabbed it and unzipped it roughly before dumping it all on a table. “Aha.. what do we have here?”

They all scrambled through to find a few Q-tips, lipstick, a small bag with change in it. A flower-imprinted wallet with about 400 dollars in it. They also found a coupon for Toys R us and a gift card for Walmart. Also a pair of ear rings with purple stones on them.

They took the money and slammed the empty purse into his arms and piled the rest of the stuff on top. “Oh..ok, I’ll just take this…” They began to go back to talking, “Um?” he stood there behind them holding all this stuff not knowing what to do with.

“Hey! Wait!” said Jack, turning around, “I’m sorry Jordan.”

He grinned, “It’s okay dad, I-“

“We nearly forgot the earrings! Thanks kid.” They continued to talk “And anyways, as I was saying, can you believe that Mike would even ask for that much?”

Jordan turned around and dumped all the stuff back into the bag. He turned around and grabbed 100 dollars of the cash from the table while they were not looking and put it in there also. They didn’t count the money so they wouldn’t notice.

He left, rejoining the crowd, and hurrying into the store the lady was headed into. He saw the woman talking to the manager, nearly crying. He pulled back his hood, and took off the sunglasses so he wouldn’t be recognized as the man who stole it in the first place, he tapped her shoulder, “Excuse me, ma’am? I found this purse, it has money still but is it the missing one?”

She smiled, “Yes, why yes! Thank you sir! how much money?”

“About a hundred I think,” She laughed, “Thank you, you are wonderful,” she dug through and noticed the earrings missing. “Oh no! My earrings are missing they have been passed down in my family for years!”

“I’m sorry ma’am.” He said walking out, he never liked stealing, but knew his father would torture him if he didn’t, it had became second nature to him now, didn’t matter so much like it did at first, but he still wasn’t proud of him, a lot of stuff happened to him as a kid.


Meanwhile, Juliet was looking at cameras, reading articles, making phone calls, working very hard to get a little further in the case than before. Suddenly the phone rang, “Hello?” she said, waiting a minute listening to the person on the other line, “Okay? But the purse was found?” she suddenly had a puzzled look on her face, “I don’t know why somebody wouldn’t take all the money. Maybe they didn’t see it, or thought it was fake.”

“Yes I’ll still take it and check fingerprints, thank you.” she put the phone down. She sighed and got up, carrying a paper out the door.


“You didn’t remove the fingerprints?”

“Sorry dad, I just… didn’t…didn’t think of it.”

“It’s okay son, I’m not mad, no dumpster divers around here that I know of, especially one that would go and get it checked for fingerprints.”

Jordan stayed quiet. Jack looked at him, “You threw it away, right? There’s nothing else you could possible ever want to do with it. Right?” Jordan looked down, “Of course.”

Jack shook his head and screamed, “You DIDN’T?” Jordan gulped, “No sir.”

“What did you do with it then you useless piece of-“

“I gave it back!” he interrupted. Jack walked up to him and lifted his chin up, they looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before Jack punched him in the face. “To the woman?”

Jordan nodded, “I just couldn’t…I’m sorry, we don’t need it like she does.”


The other men heard him from another room, then quickly walked in and saw Jack throw Jordan to the ground.

Jordan grunted and tried to get up but the other men came and without hesitation or questioning knocked him back down.


“I know, there seems to be about five different fingerprints, all over.” Said Sarah, wearing gloves, as she inspected the handbag.

The analyzer, Krista, took it back and placed it back down on the table. “And I don’t know, I talked to Stephan but, he seemed unsure of who the fingerprints belonged to, he couldn’t find a trace leading back to any of them.”

Juliet shook her head, “John doe..” she turned around and walked out.

“Mr. Nath?” she said, knocking on his door. “Yes? Come in.”

“I’d like to speak to you.” she took a seat “Well, there was a purse stealing, another man found it and returned it. There was approximately 400 dollars and whoever stole it only took, 100. There were five different fingerprints but we can’t figure out who’s fingerprints.”

“And?” he said crossing his arms

“Well, the fingerprint thing sounds like a John Doe thing, but he would definitely take all the money, so either he is not who we think he is, or…there’s another.”

He nodded. “Okay then. Great job finding that information, keep working on it.” he said, he then kept typing on his oversized laptop.

“Okay, thanks.” she said walking out. She was aggravated that she was the one doing all the work. She walked quickly down the hallway. She went outside and sat on the bench to get some air.

“Juliet.” said Sarah walking outside and closing the door behind her, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah I just needed some air, I’m fine, thanks.” Sarah sat next to her, she wanted to say something but instead just wrapped her arm around her. Sarah had black hair a blue eyes, she always seemed happy and always stayed positive.

“We have been working on this for years, the closest we have gotten is a picture and a possible fingerprint.”

Sarah smiled, “You do realize both those things were discovered by you? In two weeks.”

Juliet looked at her, “Actually it was a week and a half.”

Sarah laughed. “Well, there you go.” they both giggled.

Suddenly the alarm went off and Stephen opened the door and yelled, “There has been a discovery!”

They both got up and ran in


Jordan sat in the corner, in the darkness. He had a bloody nose and his eye was swollen. The men were talking and laughing again like nothing happened.

“So I said, I’ll do 1000, he said I was outrageous and he took a swing at me” Jack ranted on, loudly

He began to feel tired, he felt helpless, and worthless.

“I mean, I did say, you can run all you want and the only place I wont look is in the police…prison..place, whatever. So live in prison, or have that pretty little face busted in.” they all laughed

Jordan drifted off, then suddenly his eyes flung open. He stood up and grabbed his bag.


“What’s the discovery?” said Juliet, Curiously.

“Well you know that photo you got of John Doe?” Said a black man named Jeffrey, turning around holding a clipboard, “Well, we spotted him again, going into the prison in Connecticut.”

“What? Really?” said Sarah, Jeffrey nodding his head, smiling said, “Yeah, we don’t know why and we didn’t actually see what he looked like and the prison is too stuck up to admit that he could get past their security.”

Juliet smiled, shaking her head, “They don’t know John Doe.”

Later that day, Sarah stood in the lobby at her desk, scratching off a lottery ticket, for the one millionth time.

“Sarah, you never win, stop wasting your money.”

Sarah smiled, “Yeah, you’ll call it a waste now, until I win and you are begging me for your share of the money.”

Juliet laughed, Sarah giggled looking back down at the ticket, “I won!”

Juliet looked at her, “What really?”

“Four dollars.” Said Sarah,

Juliet sighed, “Hey, you won your money back this time at least. Don’t tell me you win unless it’s the jackpot.” Sarah scoffed, “Hey if I win the jackpot I’m not telling you.”

“Well you’ve spent more money on the tickets than the jackpot itself, so you better hope you win.”

Sarah smiled looking back down at the ticket.

Mr. Nath walked in and set his coffee cup down on the desk, “So I spoke to the head of the Connecticut prison, they won’t budge, they won’t let us go and investigate,”

Juliet looked disappointed, “Hey, maybe we were wrong.”

Sarah shook her head, “No! If we even have to go down there and impersonate a cop then-“

Mr. Nath looked at her, “That’s a federal offense, Sarah, don’t joke about that.”

“Oh lighten up and drink your..” she looked in the coffee cup, “Warm milk..”

Mr. Nath blushed and picked up the cup, Juliet laughed, “If your milk can impersonate coffee, we can impersonate a cop,” Sarah smiled at Juliet and Juliet continued talking, “Besides, who even says we have to impersonate a cop, are there any laws against.. I don’t know impersonating a crime?”

Mr. Nath sat his cup down again, “What? Are you seriously suggesting Barb just goes in there and admits to a fake crime just to try and catch a criminal in the prison from behind bars?”

Juliet tilted her head, “Who says Barb?”


Jordan sat in a supply closet, waiting for the courage to pull one of the trickiest crimes he ever pulled.

“I know, 2 weeks is a long vacation but I know it’s in good hands, all you have to do is follow the schedule and make sure the rest of the guards do their job right.” said a man from outside the door, “I know, it’s just I’ve never had such a responsibility, I mean the head of the prison is giving me the main job,” said a younger voice, “I always go unnoticed they will never listen to me,”

The older man said, “Of course they will, son.” Jordan listened intently “Yes, well, I should probably head off, good luck, kid.” He heard the sound of a key card, the door opened and the man dragged out his luggage.

Jordan took a deep breath and opened the door pulling the guy in, “Hey! Man, who are you…are you the guy that my dad totally denies somehow got in here?”

Jordan laughed, “Smart kid, yet, so stupid.” He grabbed a broom and knocked him out


So, Mr. Nath, when you get there, look for any suspicious behavior.” said Sarah as she pep-talked him

“Why do we have to do this, we’re not even sure if this is what we’re gonna do, and why are we sending Nath? Didn’t you do a facetime to try and convince them face to face anyways?”

Mr. Nath looked up at Sarah, smiling, “Yes” he said, standing up, “They would recognize me!” he chanted pointing at Sarah, she rolled her eyes, “Oh put that finger down, Urinal.”

Juliet looked at them with a confused expression, “What? What did I miss?” Juliet giggled, “That’s his first name, Urinal, he’s Urinal Nath.”

Mr. Nath rolled his eyes, “It’s not ‘Urinal’ it’s pronounced, Urinale, the a says ‘ah’ but all that is short for Urinalenia McFranky Nath.”

Juliet bit her lip, trying not to laugh, “Okay, then.” Juliet looked down and had a flashback


A five year old, Juliet sat in her mother’s lap in the living room in front of a fire. “Hey mama?” she said looking up at her mother, with long, dark, brown hair and big, bright green eyes. Her mother’s name was Mandy. “Yes, darling?” said Mandy “My dolly isn’t as pretty as the other kid’s I had to make her hair myself, she was bald when I found her in the trash.” said Juliet pulling out a small doll with grass taped to its head, “I’ve tried all I can, I can’t ask to play when I have a doll like this.” her mother giggled, “Oh, Julie, you clearly haven’t tried all you can, the doll still has grass on its head. If your life depended on it, your dolly would’ve been the prettiest. But you only tried until plan ‘A’ failed.”

Juliet looked confused, “So what do I do?” Mandy smiled, “Well when a plan fails, remember that you still have twenty-five letters left.” She looked back at the fire


Juliet, looked at them, “I’m gonna do it.” Sarah and Nath looked at her, “What?”

“We at least have to try, even if it is hard we have to try, but first. We need a plan.”

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