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By @HhWrites

A Job to Do

Juliet fidgeted with her hands, trying to scratch off the red shade of nail polish on her nails. She was never a fan of the way she looked, she didn’t care. She only wore it because her friend wanted to paint them.

She sat in her boss’s office waiting for him to come back, stressed out over why he needed her. Stressed out but careless. She looked up, but only with her eyes, she didn’t move her head and didn’t stop scratching off the nail polish. She stared at the window, blinking once, staring at a yellow bird, it stood on a limb, it hopped a little closer to the edge and then flew off with a stick in its mouth.

She looked back down, the sun glaring in her bright, green eyes, it peeked through the curtain and the hardly opened window.

The door creaked open, Mr. Nath walked in. He was a chubby old man, well he wasn’t old everybody just called him that ever since his gray hairs started coming in around his bald spot, he always had an aggravated expression. Other than that he looked rather normal, he wasn’t a pleasant sight, but a normal one.

He went around her and sat in his chair on the other side of the desk, he pulled some papers out of his drawer and slammed them in front of her. “What is this?” he said angrily

She looked up at him, “I don’t know, what ‘is’ this?” he shook his head, “The papers I told you ‘Must go out, YESTERDAY!” he yelled, he had bad anger issues but broke like a twig under pressure, so he isn’t as intimidating as he is made out to be by himself. She wasn’t at all fazed. “I am sorry, I was swamped with everything else you decided to assign me in the same day. Besides I was still on the John Doe case.”

He rolled his eyes, “I thought I said NOT TO WORK ON THAT I did not assign you to the John Doe case.”

She sighed, “I know, but look what I found.” she then put a photo in front of him.

He picked it up and his eyes widened, “Oh my…you.. found? W-where?”

She smirked, “Well last night before we closed the department, I went to check the security cams before closing because, let’s face it, barb never does his job anyways.” she chuckled, he nodded as she continued, “And earlier I did research and discovered there was once a sighting at city hall which resulted in a death that was completely forgotten because of everything else John doe did at the time, earlier that day, you know? Anyways, I had a theory that they might return to city hall since the previous time we totally didn’t even notice it, and they’d have a shot to redo it and make more money!” he thought for a moment, “Okay..so? He did?”

“Well I clicked into the city hall cam just in case and ended up going to the traffic cameras right outside it, which is where I quickly snapped this photo.” she placed her finger with chipped pieces of nail polish missing on the picture. The picture was of a man, after hours, walking outside, with a hood, where you couldn’t see him with his hand in his pocket right outside of city hall.

“Thought it might be something,” before he could reply she said, “And I know! What you’re gonna say, it’s not my place or whatever, but it worked out for the best right?” She picks up her finger and crossed her arms and brushed a strand of her light brown hair out of her face, “But um, I’ll make sure these go out…today.” she turned around and started to head out the door with the files in hand.

“Wait!” she turned around

“I actually wanted to say, I think it’s finally time for your promotion.” she stared at him

“What?” she said, obviously shocked.

“I think you’ve worked really hard and you found out more evidence in one day than we all have in six weeks! Point is, I think you’re really right for this job, and I wanna assign you over to the John Doe case.”

“Oh my goodness, thank you?”

“Well I will have Barb take care of these.” he said taking the file from her. “He never does his job anyways.” he smiled.

She nodded her head, accepting the responsibility. She exited the office and walked into hers.

Her office was quite ordinary, it had dark floors and light walls, it looked like she had never done anything to it, which she didn’t. There was a small plant in the corner, which is obviously fake, considering it hadn’t died. She never would’ve taken care of it anyways, she didn’t care about the small things she gave her complete focus to the bigger things. She always felt like she could do more in her life which is why she hated her job position so much.

She was glad to finally be on one of their biggest cases.

They didn’t even know the guy’s real name, he had just committed a huge amount of crimes and got away with it every single time. They were mostly simple ones, but he just did so many.

She walked over to her desk, which had all her stuff, she only had her stuff on the desk and her coat on the door, she never took care of it for anything else, the floors were dirty, paint was missing from the door. there was a book shelf, which only had a few manuals and such that she didn’t even put there. She had a few papers and a notebook on top of her small laptop which laid on her dusty desk. She had a pencil case next to it with a pen, a few pencils, a sharpener, eraser and things of the sort. Her phone charger was laying on the ground, unplugged next to the outlet.

She picked up the phone and called her best friend, “Sarah! You wont believe what just happened to me!”

On the other end, Sarah replied, “Probably not, talk to me!”

“I just got assigned over to the John Doe case.”

“Oh my! Great job, Juliet!” Juliet replied,”Thank you!” Sarah put down the work she was doing on her own desk and switched the phone over to the other ear, she was pretty much the opposite of Juliet, she was a very positive person who tried to make every little thing better, people’s lives, and especially her own. She tried many times to change Juilet’s attitude towards things but Juliet was too stubborn. Sarah just had to accept that that’s just how Juliet was. “So, how’d it happen?” she asked

“Well, Nath called me into his office to yell at me, and I showed him a picture I was able to get of John Doe outside of city hall! He immediately switched me over.”

“Wow, that’s great, Julie, I’ll catch you later. Good luck on the case, I think if anyone is right for it, it’s you!”

“Thanks Sarah, bye!” “Bye.”

Juliet sighed, and held the phone against her chest, “Well, I guess I have a job to do.”

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