By @spicymishtii

After 1Year she's back, and that's all that matters. She has her own share of caring friends, her fiance, professional admirers. But with a depression of something, something so real taken away, that it feels useless doing everything she had once been honored to. And then one day... it stopped. The desperateness of the abstract memories to materialize stopped. Her cravings for a mystically lost surface, once marked by her own footprints stopped. Because that one day, it all came crashing back.

Chapter 1


Where am I?

Her throat was cracked-dry, lips puffing out only short breaths as she tried to voice out her curiosity.

She felt paralyzed, unable to move at all till she tried harder and was able to brush her fingertips over something soft… fresh and cold. The said thing stirred before retrieving itself back at record speed. 

Her hands were still trembling while yearning to reach out to that ‘thing’.

And then, hundreds of actions chronicled in that one blink of her eye; violent grabbing of her arms, gibberish shouts in her ears, pressing down of her body by numerous hands, covering of her nose and mouth, cuts being made on her skin and a blooming essence of chaos; before she again wandered off the reality and glided into a pit of assuring darkness.



” Glo-,”    

“I said don’t,” the command was clear. 

“You’re really dumb if you think I will,” and so was his statement.

She closed her eyes while her voice softened, “It’s not the time Ade, trust me just this once,” 

He watched her with rage and fear as she turned her back towards him, gaze straight.

” Shall we? ,” hatred was dripping off her words. 

The smirk that came along her way was no less venomous.

She closed her eyes again to take a deep calming breath but not even a second after the completion of this act, a heat so powerful warmed her face and a light so sparkling invaded her pupils, she gasped, face snapping away at her side, hands shooting up at instinct.

He screamed.

She woke up.

A fast beeping sound and her adrenaline-d breaths were the only audible wavelengths in the partially dark room. Except that, only silence prevailed.

She steadied her breaths by sitting upright, sweat soaking her gown.

Now that her eyes were fully open, she could understand the nature of these white walls, soothing paintings, and desks at every corner along with a sofa leaning on the wall in front of her, the door beside it.


Her eyes roamed around a bit taking in all the details… until they landed on a bump just beside her bed.

She squinted her eyes, her pupils have still not adjusted to the dim environment.

It’s a…

What is a m– 

The breathing reality hit her like Titanic, the procrastinated memories cutting through her sharp as a nail.

She glanced back towards the body sleeping soundly, head on the bed, in shock.

That man…

As if on cue, the body stretched his shoulders very slightly, pulled its skull up dreamily, gulping and rubbing his eyes, one of his hands reached out towards the water bottle just beside her arm. But instead of the bottle, it was the plumpy flesh gripped by his palm.

He froze.

Putting his hands down very slowly he looked up at the figure.

They both just stared, beats of both their hearts close to the sonic speed.

But a breathless, 


was the point when his senses kicked back. 

He sprang up on his feet before jumping upon her and engulfing her in the tightest hug he had ever ever given. Tears were flooding down his jaw. His words were jumbled but tone correct enough to know what he wanted to say.

“You… You’re back… Glow you’re… I can’t believe this finally… After so much… You’re back… I’m so so glad you’re okay… You’re okay… You’re with… Me…,” he cried, clutching onto her body as if it’s his only source of oxygen.

She responded with an equal tightness in her hold. She did because her emotions were slowly draining back, everything was slowly fitting back in its right position. 

“I’m here… I’m here Dan…,”   

But where did I leave for?

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