Before We Fall (BxB)

By @NekoM

Before We Fall (BxB)

By @NekoM

Andrew rolls his eyes. He grabs my hand, spins me around and kisses me. I die. Not literally. I don't know what came over me. I find myself wrapping my arms around his neck. His arms are around my waist. My face is red and hot. I pull away after a bit. Both our faces are red, I lean my head on his chest. Best day of my life! Hehe~.

Chapter 1

Epilogue + Chapter One

Before we start I’d like to give a big thanks to Faith Clark for helping me with ideas for the story and for giving me positive encouragement through the writing process. She’s one of the best friends anyone could ever have! Also big thanks to my parents for always being positive and telling me I could do anything I wanted and they’d never judge me nor would they try to stop me. I really love writing and even though I’m not confident in my own writing abilities I still like to write. Now without further ado here’s the story. Enjoy!


Darkness. My eyes snap open and what do I see? Darkness. Once the confusion is gone I realize I’m underwater. I do not know how I got her. I see a light. It’s coming closer and closer and–.

May 5th, 1985

Chapter One

“Hey, Andrew!” Josh shouts as he runs up to me. Once he reaches me I put him in a headlock and mess with his hair. “You walking home now?”, He Asks. “Yeah”, I reply. I let him free after a few minutes and he puts his hands in the pockets on his jeans after fixing his ruffled hair. “You hear there have been more rumors of zombie breakouts in Ireland?” He gives me a confused look, trying to hide his obvious concern. “Zombies?”, I give a short laugh, “Zombies are FAKE. Ireland is just making these so-called outbreaks up to get some attention from the media.” Josh shrugs and we go silent for a few minutes. Finally, Josh speaks again, “What if they aren’t made up stories? What if there is going to be a zombie plague?” I consider that. “Then the world is screwed.” More silence. Then, the screams started.

Josh and I ran. We ran all the way up the main street and back to the school. By the time we reached the gates in front of the school, the screams seemed to be coming from every direction. By the front entrance, there were 3 people pushing up against the glass doors. I couldn’t see people inside so I don’t get why those people were pushing up against the glass in the way they were. “Hey!”, Josh shouted, “Who are you?! What’s going on?! Why is everyone screaming?!” The people turned to look at us, but what I saw made me rethink that if these..things..were people at all!

The smallest of the three…things..looked no older than 10 years old. One of his eyes was missing and his stomach was sliced open, his clothes weren’t even clothes anymore..they were just strands of shredded cloth caked with blood. He stared aimlessly into my eyes like he was staring straight into my soul. It was…freaky. The next thing over decided she was going to ignore us. Even from this far away I could tell this thing was once a woman. Her bloody clothes indicated she was a nurse. There was a hole in her chest that you could see through. This empty hole was placed where her heart SHOULD have been but wasn’t anymore. Clumps of her messy hair were missing, torn from her head viciously. Finally, the last of the three creatures turned our way. He was a slightly overweight man who was probably in his late 30’s to early 40’s. He had a bite mark on his neck that oozed fresh blood from it.

Once Josh got a glimpse at those three he ran over to the bushes and threw up. Suddenly, as if Josh’s throw up was some kind of disgusting whistle, the three creatures all stared directly at us. “Run.” that was all I got out before the three creatures advanced and started to come straight for us. Josh was the first one to start running, I was still in a daze from what I was witnessing. “Hurry up Andrew!” The sound of Josh’s voice snapped me out of my daze and I started to run. I ran fast and quickly caught up to Josh. Whatever those things were they were fast and they were gaining on us even faster.

Suddenly, Josh grabs onto my hand and pulls me into an empty alleyway and makes a gesture for me to be silent. The creatures slow to a walk and sniff the air. One of them turns our direction but the darkness of the alleyway hides our figures. After what seems like forever, they move on. I sigh with relief, “Thanks for saving me when you did or else I might have been monster food!” I smiled but stopped when I realized Josh was crying. “Josh? Are you okay?” Josh slid down against the brick wall and onto the ground and started sobbing. “The zombies ARE real. I’m going to die and probably become a zombie!” I slid down next to him and put my arm around him. “Hey, it’ll be okay.”, I said, “We’ll make it through this, we just have to stay positive, aware and safe.” Josh sniffed and nodded. “You didn’t get hurt by the zombies or anything, did you?” He asked me. “No.”, I say, “You?” Josh shook his head then leaned against me. “I’m glad you’re safe.”, He said. “Me too.”, I reply. Then, the rain started to fall.

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