Because I Love You

By @akeladramse
Because I Love You

"But you will never love me" Copyright | Akela Dramse 2018

Chapter 1



I love you, but you will never love me


STARTED : January 3, 2018



Paper Plane | PJ Avilles

Waves | Dean Lewis

Oceans | Seafret

Have to Be Around You | Brooke Bentham

Drifting | Nathan Ball

Planes | Moira & Nieman

Lost On You | Lewis Capaldi

Cold Wind | Joshua Hyslop 

Depth Over Distance | Ben Howard

Bones | Lewis Watson

Bloom | The Paper Kites

Always In My Head | Coldplay

Losing You | Aquilo

Wells | Joshua Hyslop

Sorry | Aquilo


In which a girl loses the love of her life, because she makes a huge mistake, and she tries her hardest to right the wrong.

“I should have seen it coming from a mile away, should have seen it in your eyes. You didn’t want me around. Not then and not ever, but that didn’t stop me from saying it. It should have, but it didn’t.”


I realize that, yes, this is another story. I know that at this point I should not start another one, but honestly I can’t help it. There’re all these emotions swirling around inside of me and I have to get them out somehow. I’m tired of laying in my bed, face down in a pillow, listening to our playlist and crying my heart out. So I’m trying something new, sue me. 

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is a true story, and from start to finish I promise to keep it that way. Because of that there might be slow updates, as in real life our story has not ended yet. 

Also understand that the playlist is not in this case made for any of you readers, but is actually curated specifically for him, and basically says all the things I wish I could say to him but can’t at this point. If you want to understand the feelings of this book more I highly suggest listening to it while you read. 

Just a warning, so far this is a pretty sad story, don’t blame me if you get hit with the feels

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