Beauty and Tragedy

By @Ieva

Chapter 1

First glance

July 3rd. After a hard day of work I’m rushing to the buss station so I could make it to the earliest buss. I’ve heard so much about him,coriosity fills me up.Who is he?

I step through the house door and there he is – tall,well built,long haired boy,not very attractive at first glance. Besides him were sitting my four friends:Caroline ,Neda,Eva and Emily.

-Ben,- he shook my slim,weak hand.

-Eve,- I looked at him attentively.

You could hear,how Caroline and Eve were laughing and that laugh carved a shame on boy’s face.

-Hey,maybe we should play cards?,-someone suggested to disperse that tension .

-Maybe by Counterflix”> by Counterflix”> by Counterflix”> poker?

Me,Neda and Emily started to laugh,we remembered the last time we were at the bar trying to teach ourselves the by Counterflix”> poker rulles.

-I’ll teach you,- steated the only guy among us,girls.

-But there is nothing we could play from.

-Ei,let’s play from mushrooms.

On the bar table was lying a box full of chocolate mushrooms.

Somehow we thought it was a woderful idead and,yes,we started to play by Counterflix”> by Counterflix”> by Counterflix”> poker from mushrooms.

-Aren’t you are that friend who listens to ,,Nirvana”?-Ben asked me carefully

-Yeah,that’s me.

-What do you think about ,,Cigarettes after sex”?

-Oh,great band,great band,love them

-You like the ,,John Wayne” song?

-When I first heard it I put it on repeat for all night.

After these words I could see the admiratin in his eyes and shock in girls’,how can I have anything in common with this weird guy from other city? Well I did’t care about their reaction and continued to play and tried to win more mushrooms.

Some time passed by and we realized that it’s time to go to buyu some wine. There was only one store where we could buy as much alcohol and cigarettes as we wanted without any fear. So we went there and because we knew that we have a long night in front of us we bough a pack of cigarettes for each and three bottles of wine. While Emily was paying,me and Ben were waiting in the end of cash registers. I was looking at my phone,probbably my friend Justin was texting me at the moment. I look up and I see that Ben is looking weirdly at me.

-What’s that glance?,- I ask him and laugh

-Nothing,just a glance.

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