Beat Saber: Renegade

Beat Saber: Renegade

In the year 2063, the video game Beat Saber has been the most successful game in the US. Many of the Pro players have been good, but not legends. Ryan Marie comes into a competition and makes everyone realize that this one would be the legend. With a team of pros making her the legend she was meant to be, they all run into their own issues that would impact their lives forever. With other thirsty players, her own issues, and even her first love, she will have to learn how to just jump over them.

Chapter 1

The Birth

OK. Let’s head to the year 2063. A year of technology, success, and happiness. This was a great year to people around the world. Poverty rates are so low that there is only a few homeless people still around. This was because of the TransForts. A new home that could travel anywhere you want to with such a little price. They also figured out how to use less pollution into the world. Every city in the US has been the cleanest it has ever been in years. But there is one thing that is more powerful than any of those combined: Beat Saber. The video game has been declared a sport for years, but as now been added as an Olympic sport. For about 30 years, this has been the most successful sport in the country. Some of the richest people have been Pro Beat Saber players. Legends include Roddy Donald, Mark Whinstien, Rivers Fortson, and etc. These people are examples of players that have broken numerous world records for that video game. They are all successful in their own ways. They played for a number of years and retired young and successful. Their next step was to train the next legend. That has been all of their dreams. There would be one player that would be the greatest of the greatest. One that would impact all of their lives. None of them would know that this player would come sooner than they thought. It would just take them week to realize it. And that week started now!

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