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Beanspice: a Fairy’s favourite (ORIGINAL)

By @Nay

An important notice

Dear reader,

This is the original text of a story I wrote a year back, but decided to give up on because I didn’t know what would come next. So this will not receive any updates for more content (though I may occasionally pop in and fix up some SPaG.

Please note: I discarded the project midway though chapter 2- so the ending of it is abrupt. Please skip the italic-bold paragraphs if you don’t fancy spoilers.

I think what was originally meant to happen was that there would be some sort of fairy guard/police who would tell Reise that Dartagnan had been killed or injured.

Oh, and Carmen doesn’t die. She survives with few scars, but she was unconscious for a few days.

Spoilers over now- good? Ok, let’s continue.

I am currently trying to rewrite this, so if that ever gets finished it may also end up on this website.

Any bold text was not in the very original and has been added later on- and underlined text has been removed from the text.

I hope you enjoy it nonetheless,


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