Be Mine

By @NanamiSashhiwa
Be Mine

" I'm always scolded and threatened by my boss and sexually harassed" -Yoonwoo " I can help you...just be mine" -Shiwoo

Chapter 1



I have been working here as the main chef for a long time. I still remember that day when he came to save me. I was taken back by quite a surprise when he was kind to a guy like me. I was just working in a small eating joint. I never knew that a guy who was so rich would ever notice anyone and would be ignorant and arrogant.

But he was different. He’s my ANGEL and SAVIOUR.

The door click opens…..

“Hey baby”

“Hi yoonwoo”

“How was work, honey?”

“Do you have to turn me on just when I came back from work?”

I was in my boxers and a simple tunic. He nears me and pins me to the wall and kisses me on the lips with love and passion.


As I spoke through our kisses he gently sliped his hand down to my thighs and slowly moves up as he inserts his hand inside my boxers and grabs my erected ****.

” mine was too!”

He released me and pulled me by the hand to the master bedroom.

He flung me on to the bed getting over me.

“You won’t rest tonight” he said licking his lips.

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