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Barbie Fans~Please Come!

By @Kittyqueen79


Aren’t Old Barbie Movies the Best? Put your answers in the comments!


Which was always your favorite?

Who was your favorite character?

Favorite Pet?

Favorite Song?

Favorite Prince?

Favorite Villain?

Did you have the movies on DVD or a Hard Drive?


Did you play with Barbies as a kid?

What were your four favorite things to play with them?

Did you happen to have some kind of dance EVERY SINGLE TIME like I did?

Do you secretly still love Barbie?

TRIVIA (Answer honestly):

  1. When did Barbie and Ken break up?
  2. When did they get back together?
  3. How many siblings does Barbie have?
  4. Name Barbie’s siblings.
  5. What was Barbie’s first pet?
  6. What is Barbie’s full name?
  7. Which of her siblings went missing?

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