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Bad Reputation

By @MeaningfulMee

Bad Reputation

Eli opened the front door of his new home, he had never been so happy to be walking in to an old, damp council house in his live. He had walked from the bus stop by himself and had been terrified doing it, he was a country boy and had never lived in the city before so walking through a notorious estate was not something he was used to. On his was he had seen two fights, hear one pair of sirens and stepped around countless glass bottles and cigarette butts.

As soon as he walked into the house, the chaos outside was replaced with the sound of shouting coming from what appeared to be the kitchen. He know straight away who it was, it was his step sister, Alissa.

He had only meet her a few times but had heard a lot about her, none of it was good. From what he had heard she was a bold unruly girl with a very bad reputation.

Today it seemed that she was living up to it. He could hear his step mother, Amber yelling something about school and Alissa was not replying. He closed the door behind himself, he then hear Amber in a quieter yet firm voice order Alissa to go to her bedroom. Then there was a bang of the kitchen door and Alissa stormed past him and up to the stairs.

Amber came out of the kitchen to greet Eli

“Hello sweet heart” she began,

“Not the best welcome from her I know but anyway. It’s lovely to finally have you staying with us”

Eli smiled.

“You must be tired love, why don’t you take your bags up to your room and I’ll get started on tea. Your dad’ll be home soon.”

“Okay” He replied as he began to walk up the stairs. He had been shown around before so knew exactly were he was going.

As he was walking up the stair there was a sudden electrical wail and then loud but amazing electric guitar playing began. He understood that it had to be Alissa but he had never heard anyone play so well and didn’t think she had it in her.

He put all his bags in his room and couldn’t help but see if it really was Alissa playing, he peaked his head around her door and saw her sitting on the end of her bed playing in a way that looked almost effortless. He looked up at her face, she was crying, tears streamed from her eyes but she wasn’t making a sound well if she was it couldn’t be hear over the guitar and a part of him thought that this was her idea.

When he walked back down stairs and into the kitchen Amber intermediately said,

“I’m sorry about the noise, she’s loud but I can’t seem to control her.”

Eli was silently shocked be this,

“She really good at it”

“Really? music isn’t my thing, was always bad at it”

She was looking at Eli but then she put her face to the window,

“Her dad was big into it, was teaching her how to play before she could walk. He was a good dad really just not a great husband or person.”

Eli didn’t know the full story with Alissa’s dad but understood that he was in prison for multiply crimes and that he hadn’t treated Amber well. He didn’t think it wise to ask about him so he just changed to subject.

After an hour or so his dad came home and they spent the evening watching t.v and chatting, Alissa stayed in her room the whole night.

The next morning was his first day at his new school, he had only just moved in but since both his dad and Amber had to work they didn’t see much point in him staying at home.

He hadn’t excepted Alissa to willingly get up and go to school with out any issues and he was right. All morning Amber was yelling at her to get ready faster or something along those lines.

Amber also told Alissa that she had to walk to school with Eli and make sure he was alright, which she didn’t seem overly happy about but she didn’t object either.

When it was eight o’clock him and Alissa began to walk to school it was only a short walk but it felt like an age to Eli. Alissa didn’t talk to him at all and just kept sucking off of her vape, which she was definitely to young to have at the age of fourteen but Eli didn’t think it best to argue with her. Even though he was older than her and much taller than her, he still felt slightly scared of her, she had a vibe to her of trouble and seemed pretty angry all the time. Eli also saw a little bit of distress in her eyes and he wondered why?

When they got to the school gate he noticed how her fists suddenly clenched, like she was expecting trouble. She then walked over to a group of people and began talking leaving Eli alone.

He was just starting to talk to someone he heard some boy being to yell things at a young girl in a hijab,

“oi, **** when you going to bomb us again”

It didn’t stop at that,

“Looks like you’ve got dirt on your skin”

He was going to say more but Alissa began to walk towards him,

“Shut up, you prick or you’ll regret it!”

The boy was older than her and look stronger than her but Alissa had no fear in her voice.

“What you going to do hey, your just a little girl that belongs in the kitchen or in your case a cell”

Alissa didn’t show any emotion,

“You’d want to watch that pretty lil’ month of yours, might just be the death or ya”

She was at this point right up in his face,

“What you care anyway she’s just a little ni…”

That was it Alissa pushed him on to the ground and began to hit him, he tried to fight back but she had him pinned down.

Eli noticed how relieved the girl looked and got the impression that this wasn’t the first time Alissa had done this for her.

Alissa continued to hit the boy and a circle had gathered around them. The door of the school flew open and the principal stormed over to them,

“Alissa Harris!!!”

he bellowed,

Alissa stopped punching but she didn’t look surprised,

“My office now!!!” he continued,

The girl began to talk,

“but sir it wasn’t her fault…”

He looked at Alissa with disgust in his eyes,


he looked her up and down,

“I know with her kind is like”

Eli just watched in shock, why wasn’t she standing up for herself? She was willing to stand up for everyone else.

Eli looked Alissa in the eye as she walked into the school.

He then realized that she didn’t stand up for herself cos she know it was pointless.

They saw her clothes, her body, they hear her voice, her accent, they know where she lived, the family she came from and they had their mind made up, she didn’t have a chance.

She was giving a bad reputation the second she was birth, all she did was life up to it. She was too good at fighting for her age, she had done it too many times before but Eli didn’t think they were her fault.

Maybe Alissa won’t have learned to talk with her fist if someone had listened to her voice,

Maybe people would see who was really was if for just one moment to put aside her

bad reputation.

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