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Bad Poetry

By @talia


Should I feel embarrassed

When I turn the lights off before I shower?

When I think of him, ten years older, touching me?

When you can see my skin underneath florescent lights?

When I’m the only one who listens to my playlists?

When I haven’t washed my hair in four days?

When I don’t care about my friends anymore?

When I forget how to feel excited about things?

When I’m still someone no one wants to touch?

When I think of the softness of girls?

When I deleted the line above, five times?

When I eat and eat and eat and eat?

When I still count on my fingers?

When I don’t text back?

When I don’t raise my hand in class?

When I think that maybe no one wants to touch me, because maybe my skin will crawl?

When I write bad poetry, and people politely ignore it?

When I lie alone in my room?

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