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Bad Blood

By @MacKenzie_Lynn

Chapter 1

Smoke rose from her cigarette towards the black night sky while she leaned against the outside wall of Trixie’s, a run down gay nightclub on the lower East side New York City. She used to come here almost every Friday night but, ever since the divorce, she hadn’t let herself get out much. But she had to admit- the company of an old friend, music, handfuls of cute twenty-something’s, and the always good beer on tap made for a good night so far, that’s for **** sure. Claire sucked in one last long drag off her cigarette before turning to head towards the door and almost choked on the smoke that filled her lungs when she saw Jaime smile at her as she and the other woman with her walked into the club together. It was only about a short six months ago that Claire came home from a long day of getting shot at in a drug raid and berated by an onslaught of various media and news reporters regarding the major Narcotics case she was heading, to find her wife- well, now ex-wife, Jaime- in their bed on top of Dana, Claire’s friend and only other female competition during the promotion to Detective Sergeant of the Narcotics Unit three years ago.

At five-foot, seven-inches and one hundred and twenty-six pounds with caramel colored skin, striking Hazel eyes, and long dark brown hair often worn up in a tight bun- Claire Donavan is a gorgeous woman who many either fear or admire. Claire came out in the top of her class at the New York Police Academy and was the youngest amongst a handful of her male colleagues, most being ten to fifteen years her senior, promoted to Detective Sergeant with the Narcotics Unit, three years ago. Not only did gaining the title of a D.S. earn her respect, but such respect came even more so from Claire being the only female in twenty years to earn such a title in her unit. When she met Jaime two year prior, she knew she wanted the woman to herself. Jaime Torres is a sophisticated, smart, and gorgeous trauma surgeon at St. Andrew’s Memorial Hospital whom Claire had met at Trixie’s one night. Five-foot, five-inches with sexy dark brown eyes, and loose auburn curls to her shoulders, Jaime is a woman that knows her beauty and isn’t afraid to show it, either. The pair exchanged flirtatious glances most of that night that ultimately ended with Claire in Jaime’s bed. This was the first woman Claire had ever let break down her walls to reach the rather harmless, sweet, and romantic woman she hid underneath the “stone-cold badass demeanor. After two exciting and passionate years together, Claire decided that she didn’t want to spend a moment of her life without this invigorating, sexy, and beautiful woman by her side forever. 

Ha! No way in hell am I ever making that mistake again. Since the night Claire had found her wife in bed with another woman, she’d tried to forget it by spending her days picking up extra hours on her already seemingly endless shifts, working so hard at the gym that she sent herself into a near asthma attack or sleeping most the day away on her days off. But tonight, she wanted more. She needed more. Claire craved another woman’s touch, taste, and sounds. Why she chose Trixie’s of all of the other clubs in East Side New York- She didn’t know. Call it intuition if you will, the fact that the club was only a mere 20 minute drive from her condo, or Claire’s best friend Tracy nagging her to get out of the house for just one night. Either way, she gave in and decided to leave the confines of her quiet, empty condo to try to have some fun.

Tracy had been Claire’s best friend since their senior year at Westmont High in the tiny town of Westmont, New York. Both girls dreamt of moving to the Big City after college and becoming Police Officers. The pair chose to buy an apartment together while attending Westmont Community College and over the next four years, both had saved enough money from working dead end waitressing jobs all through college, to finally leave their tiny town and move to the City. Once established in their new two bedroom condo, neither wasted any time in applying for the New York City Police Department and starting yet another adventure together.

Claire dropped her finished cigarette to the concrete below, put the dwindling embers out with the toe of her classic white low top converse, and then turned to walk back inside to guzzle another beer to hopefully give her the necessary liquid courage to continue her task of trying to catch the eye of the gorgeous woman sitting only a few tables away with her entourage of friends.

“****. I take it you saw them?” Tracy asked as she noticed the shift in Claire’s reserved posture, to a now icy glare, and tightly set jaw as she made her way back to their table.

“Yeah…And the ***** even had the nerve to smile at me as she walked by with her!” Claire spat out just before she pounded down the last of her second Corona.

“I don’t hate Jaime, I don’t. I just….maybe if I was around more and pampered her more she wouldn’t have slept with another woman. How didn’t I see that coming…Dana?! Why the hell does every woman I date, seem to want to screw me over?” She hung her head, seemingly defeated, as she aimlessly drew circles with her finger along the damp ring left behind on the table by her beer bottle.

“C’mon Claire, don’t do that. She was a self-centered *****, she always has been and Dana has always had her eye on her; you and I both know that. There is nothing you could have done to know that she was cheating, hon.” Tracy said as she offered her best friend a sympathetic half-smile. “But hey *******, not every woman did you in. I-”

“-You don’t count.” Claire said pointedly as she finally chuckled a bit.

“Oh ha-ha, screw you. That’s ******** and you know it, Claire Donavan. I was the only woman who was ever good to you and you broke my heart.” Tracy said in a defeated and rather dramatic “damsel in distress” tone of voice as she leaned off to the side with her hands clasped over her heart, before finally bursting out laughing.

“If I recall correctly honey, you were the one who broke up with me” Claire retorted as she narrowed her eyes and smirked at her best friend.

“Haha, oh yeah. But we both agreed it was better that way and look at us now; we’re both better and closer because of it. We had our run, and it was a great one at that. But I’ll always love you though you big goof, you know that. And any woman who hurts you is going to get her ass kicked. I still have yet to deal with Dana…”

“Nah, she’s not worth it. Yeah she’s a homewrecker for sleeping with my wife, but it’s not her fault that Jaime cheated.” Claire shrugged and said matter-of-factly as she leaned back in her chair.

“Okay now, enough ex-wife talk. There is a sexy blonde that keeps staring at you…” Tracy trailed off as she gestured with a slight nod in the direction of the table Claire has had her mind, and eyes, fixated on all night. 

Claire smiled shyly as she drifted her gaze towards the other table only to have her eyes lock with the gorgeous woman who’d been caught staring at her. The blonde was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans that hugged her hips and ass deliciously, a white sleeveless blouse with a plunging neckline, a pair of strappy black heels, and a seductive shade of dark red lipstick that perfectly accented her outfit. The other woman looked away for a split second, only to look back at Claire with a sexy little smile playing across her lips and an adventurous glint in her beautiful green eyes.

Emily Westbrook is smart, sweet, cunning, adventurous, and absolutely gorgeous. Tight curls the color of golden chestnut with hints of browns and reds, accenting her cream toned skin, and intense green eyes. Although only standing at just five-foot and three-inches, she is a persuasive and independent woman who knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less that what she knows she deserves. Emily Westbrook is the kind of woman that many women want, but only few have had. 

“Hey Em, do you want another marti-…Emily? Hello?” Emily’s friends called out to her but to no avail, because her attention seemed to be currently focused on holding the gaze of the gorgeous woman a few tables away.

The beautiful brunette that had caught her eye when Emily and her friends first walked in wore a white V-neck and black blazer with the sleeves pushed up, a great pair of jeans that were loose enough to seem comfortable, but tight enough to show off her backside, and white low top converse. Emily bit her lower lip lightly as she let her eyes slowly drink in what she saw. Her gaze fell over the woman’s neck, down her chest, over her right arm that had a slight bit of a tattoo showing that was obstructed by her blazer sleeve, all the way down to her white low top converse and back up to meet her piercing Hazel eyes. Feeling a subtle warmth flush her cheeks, Emily quickly looked away and giggled to herself.

“Hello, earth to Emily?” Emily’s best friend Diana asked as she waved her hand inches from Emily’s face.

“…What?” Emily asked rather dazed, but sincerely, not realizing that she’d gotten so captivated in the stranger’s stare that the rest of the atmosphere seemed to fall away around her.

“So, are you just going to drool over her all night or are you going to ask her to dance? You’ve been staring at her since we got here.” Jenna, another friend, asked.

Emily laughed, embarrassed that she’d been caught in her attempt to be discrete as she made countless quick glances in the other woman’s direction all night, hoping to catch her looking back.

“I’m not drooling. And me? No. I meant we would probably have fun…but then again, I teach fifteen year olds for a living…what is so interesting about that?” Emily said earnestly.

“Jesus Em, you aren’t asking her to sleep with you, it’s just a dance” Diana laughed.

“Nope. Uh-uh.” Emily shook her head and laughed nervously as she lifted her glass, swirled the last bit of her dry martini, and then tipped her head back as she swallowed it in one gulp. God you’re such a buzz kill Em…

“Wow, I think if she’d have been touching you while looking at you like that, your clothes would have done you a favor and just fallen off.” Tracy laughed in amusement over what she just saw. “Why are you still sitting here? Claire Donavan, get your ass over there and ask that gorgeous woman to dance!” Tracy declared as she smacked Claire’s arm.

“What me? No. She doesn’t want someone like me. Why don’t you go talk to her? You’re hot, fun, and can hold a more entertaining conversation than I can. Plus, she probably doesn’t want a cop weighing her life down.” Claire looked off into the crowd of people on the dance floor, secretly wishing Tracy would push her to go ask the blonde for a dance as she knew **** well she wouldn’t go without a bit of encouragement

“Babe, you aren’t asking her to marry you. It’s just a dance, seriously, what do you have to lose? I’m getting another beer and you better not be here when I get back.” The raven haired woman laughed, shaking her head while retrieving both of their empty bottles and making her way to the bar.

C’mon Claire, it’s just one dance…yeah, but that’s how it started last time and look where that led you- a cheating wife and a divorce…you aren’t asking her to marry you, just get your ass up and ask her to dance.

Claire took a deep breath, straightened her blazer and ran her fingers over her hair for the umpteenth time that was pulled back into her go-to “cop bun”, then stood up and made her way to the table in the corner, full of laughing women. **** that woman…but she’s right. What do you have to lose Donavan? As she made her way through the crowd of other club goers, her eyes met a now seemingly familiar pair of green eyes that held her gaze as Claire made her way closer. The laughter quieted as the blonde smiled shyly as Claire reached her table while never abandoning the other woman’s eyes. Without missing a beat, Claire leaned in closely, outstretched her hand, and asked her to dance. The blonde bit the inside of her cheek as she tried to contain the immense smile that dared to spread across her lips. But to no avail, she smiled dumbly as she placed her hand in Claire’s.

The feeling of the other woman’s soft and gentle hand in Claire’s strong and overworked one, made Claire’s heart skip. Trying hard to contain her overwhelming feeling of ecstasy, Claire smiled politely as she led the other woman onto the dance floor. As she turned to introduce herself, Claire caught the other woman by surprise whose gaze had fallen low, obviously onto Claire’s backside, but quickly rose to Claire’s eyes as the blonde’s cheeks flushed a bright red, who realized she’d been caught.

“I’m Claire” the tall brunette woman laughed as she watched the other woman try and contain her embarrassment.

“Emily, but everyone just calls me Em” Emily said as she laughed at herself. “You’re extremely attractive…” she figured she’d admit since she’d already been caught checking out the backside of the taller woman. Claire looked down at the floor as she smiled shyly.

“Awe, well thank you; you are absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. So, I haven’t danced in a while and have no idea what this song is.” She admitted about the faster paced, more intimate sounding Spanish song.

“What? I love this song! Well if you want, I can remind you how fun dancing is…” That same sexy smile and mischievous glint in Emily’s eyes was back as she flirted before she took Claire’s hand and led her to the middle of the dance floor and made her way behind Claire.

When Emily’s hands found themselves on Claire’s hips, Claire all but melted. It’d been a while since she had felt another woman’s hands on her body like that. God help me, has it really been that long? But it was the feeling of Emily’s body gently pressed up against Claire’s slightly taller frame from behind that was Claire’s complete undoing.

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