Bacon Bits

By @SpeculativeGirls
Bacon Bits

A collection of short stories that are little odd, a lot weird, and full to the brim with dragons and magic.

Chapter 1


There is no way to go back.

Believe me, I’ve tried.

But the beginning is lost.

Everything we’ve worked for, all of us, is gone. Nothing has been left standing. Except me. Everyone I know and everything I’ve owned has ignited burned away to ashes.

I sit in the ruin, warm coals searing through my clothes, burrowing into my skin, gnawing at my muscle.

It’s all over.

All I cherish are ashes, and I’m soon to become them, too.

I rake the grey dust and cinders into my palms, the burning jolting my dead heart. It’s sore like a black bruise as it pounds against my ribcage. Lost and barren for too long.

This open skyline can’t be an end anymore. If it is, everything I’ve done—we’ve done—was for nothing.

It’s a canvas. These ashes are my paint.

This is a new beginning.

My beginning.


By Bacon

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  1. Paradoxtremors

    Strange and intriguing. Makes me wonder what has gone on before and may yet arise from the ashes. Really surprised to find myself liking this in some odd, unexplainable way. Enjoyed it.

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    Reply 0 Replies Apr 4, 2018

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