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Backpacker – a collection of poems

By @skohaisch

I Stand Alone

Who am I?

The voice calling out to the darkness.

The everlasting haze

that precedes the loneliness

-the remorse-

which is yet to come.

I wail

I whisper

I scream

I cry

I weep

I love

I stand alone.

In a sea of identical thoughts.

There is none like me,

For all I fear is forced to fear me.


Something I used to know.

Of all the useless words,

As their numbers grow,

It stands alone, like I now stand,

Left without meaning

Like a sketch in the sand.

The wrong and the right,

The black and the white,

No longer exist.


the only color I see,

for all have merged

to create thee.

I stand alone.

On a decaying bridge.

Unable to move,

Which is all I wish.

All kings,

All the poets,

The writers,

The bards.

The ever-lost dreamers,

The ones who are smart.

The curious,

The knowing,

The askers,

The answers

The music that whispers,

To the hearts of the dancers.

All them I have visited,

all them I have feared,

all of them knew me,

as their decisions neared.

I have seen,

I have learned,

I have always been.

All wish I were no more,

For I, Doubt

Stand alone.

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