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By @Barbara

Pretty Poison

At 8 pm my husband arrives home from work. I am sitting on the couch in pajamas, watching a sit com. I didn’t expect David home so early. The last few months he has been working a lot of overtime.and not getting home till around midnight.”Hi Hon, what’s in the bag?” I ask.”Wine to celebrate, I got a promotion.While we drink I’d like to talk about our future.” he said with a wry smile. “Oh, sounds serious.” “It is” he said as he popped the cork and poured us each a glass.He sits down next to me handing me a goblet, which I sat on the end table.

I caught a sideways glance from David like he was annoyed that I didn’t immediately gulp down the Burgundy.I went back to watching my sit com, and David paced the floor. Abruptly he turns and proceeds to the kitchen.I heard him rummage in the fridge, utensil drawer, and cabinet.

He returned a tray full of cheese, crackers, and fruit. Now I am confused. My husband of almost fourteen years has never served me, or himself for that matter. :Honey, Is something wrong? You seem agitated.” No, I am fine,” was his reply. “I guess I am nervous about all the responsibility hat goes along with the promotion.”He lifts his glass and says,”A toast, to my, uh our future.”Picking up mine I repeated, “To our future.”

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