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Azlyn of Storian

By @castamps103

They say that within the enchanted forest, there is a tree on cliff, overlooking an everlasting ocean. They say it’s a cherry blossom tree, and each flower represents one person in Storian. As well as all the creatures within the enchanted forest. When that person, or creature, dies, their flower falls into the everlasting sea. When they reach the afterlife, they are greeted with their flower.

Brother Thomas, the monk who performs all of the Religious services in the castle, always talks about it. He says it is something that will greet us in the afterlife, but only if we do good.

I don’t believe that. In an afterlife. I believe when we die, we die.

I also don’t believe things people say about the enchanted forest. After it was closed off years and years ago, I don’t think anyone really knows what it was like.

My parents have made me read thousands of texts about the forest. From scrolls to books, even one clay tablet. They were all from before the war. From before the gates closed.

Surrounding all of the Kingdom of Greater Storian, there is a thorn wall. It has twelve gates into the enchanted forest. After the war between the humans and the magical creatures, the fay, witches, trolls, brownies, and so many more, they closed the gates. They shut off humans. The wall, which was once full of beautiful flowers, now is just branches, with so many thorns.

My name is Azlyn. I am the heir to the throne of Mara, which is one of the five kingdoms within greater Storian.

Mara is the smallest Kingdom of the five. Most of our cities and towns are built on docks, in the great lakes of Storian. Many of the people are poor fishers. The castle is built in the middle of lake Greenflower. One of the gates is there. All twelve are scatter throughout Greater Storian. Their are two in Mara. One by the castle, and one in the middle of lake Northpass.

In lake Northpass, drawn by the gate, there is a town, built on docks, called Far Water. It is one of the poorest towns in all of Mara. Lake Northpass is very polluted, due to the Neighboring Kingdom of Clet. Their have been many battles of the ownership of the lake, until finally, Mara won once and for all, Afterwards, the whole Kingdom of Clet begin to use Lake Northpass as dumping grounds. Back before the gates to the enchanted forest close this wasn’t a problem.

The called her La Dame de Lac. The lady of the Lake. People said that she would come out at night, and heal the sick, bring fresh fish that wasn’t dirty from the lake. But like all the magical creatures, she disappeared. And they were left without a guardian.

To many people have been hurting, for much to long. It’s time to change that. It’s time to take matters in my hands. It’s time to try to cross the wall. It’s time to bring the magic back into Storian.

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