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Ax Man

By @Peedee_Teeka

Short Story

I stand up from from the couch and start heading upstairs.

“I’m not sleeping with you tonight no matter how scared you get.” Says mom.

“Whatever, I don’t need you to.” I said.

I go up to my room and open my door and turn off my lights and walk over to my bed and lay down. I lean over to my fan to the right head of my bed and turn it on its lowest setting. I wrap the covers over me and tuck myself in looking at my open doorway showing the pitch black hallway. I look into the hallway more seeing the blackness wrap and move coming into my room. I squeeze my eyes shut and curl myself tight into a ball and cover my ears…

*faint whispers and laughter*

My eyes open immediately and I take a deep breath. I can’t move. A crack of thunder comes from outside lighting up my room. Faces on my posters morph and twist into deformed shapes all around me. My heart begins to races and I feel all my hairs stand as the room becomes black and white. Sounds of giggles and whispers come from all corners of my room and get louder. and louder. and louder. I scream and look into my black door way. The blackness swirls and shifts faster and faster into a large black figure almost filling my door frame. Hot tears roll down my face as I feel hands firmly hold me down from my ankles to my head. The figure begins to slowly walk to my bed and pulls out a large chipped ax. I scream and try to get out of the grasp trembling and losing my strength. The figure stands above me and another strike of lighting flashes in my room showing it. Black mist was seeping out of every whole in his torn plaid clothes, it’s head was crooked and had the biggest smile with tears and rips around its lips the open more when it smiles. 

“Good night.”

The dark figure raises the ax and everything goes black. I quickly open my eyes again in

my dark room hearing light rain from the outside. My body will not move again but my head and I look over into the hallway. The figure stood there and stared at me. I couldn’t see any detail of it but I knew. I feel my strength come back and I immediately fling my covers all around me and squeeze my eyes again and cover my hears. ​Go to sleep Go to sleep​.

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