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Auf dem Baurnhof

By @EllaRosewood


A blanket of darkness covered the sky outside the little coffee shop. Rain poured down is sheets, making the ground gleam. The shop was quiet, full only of people trying to stay out of the cold rain. People grumbled back and forth giving the room a low buzz. The only joy in the building was the voice of a young toddler, singing.

“Schlaf, Kindlein Schlaf.

Der Vater Hüt‘ die Schaf

Die Mutter schüttelts Bäumelein,

Da fällt herab ein Trämelein

Schlaf, Kindlein Schlaf.”

Her voice seemed too perfect as it shattered the low grumble of the room.” Melanie!” called a young pregnant woman. “Komm, bitte!” The song ended abruptly and the toddler bouncer her way to the woman. The girl smiled up at her mother with a twinkle in her eye as the bell of above the door lightly jingled as a man left. The rain continued to pound outside as the grumbling returned and the girl sang quietly to herself, barely audible over the hum of the room.

As the night grew darker, the manager started roaming and talking to people and people started leaving, shoulders lowered, looks of concern and anger on their faces. As the manager drew nearer and nearer to the woman and her daughter, the woman stood and dissapeared into the bathroom.

When she returned, she was greeted with an empty, dark shop. The only movement was the manager wiping down tables. With wide eyes, the woman asked over and over, “Wo ist mein Kind? Wo ist sie?” But even after the police came, the woman had to return home empty handed and disheartened.

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