At the edge of the mountain

By @Al1996
At the edge of the mountain

If you've ever heard of the two installment story "Borasca" by C.K. Walker then you'll soon see that this is inspired by the story of a corrupt former mining town in Driscan, Missurie.

Chapter 1

Chapter one: standing.

He stood at the top and looked out. He could see the sky and miles and miles of pine trees. He could hear the birds greet the early morning sun. He was happy. He thought about all the times he had come up here to think or to simply escape the noise. His smile faded when he heard the whirling of a saw. He knew why it was on and what it was cutting. It wasn’t trees. It was whatever was hidden in the mountains near the edge. He felt warm tears fall down his cheeks as he made his final wish. Then he leapt from the edge and soared into the sky.

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