Assorted Poetry

By @Scribe_of_Arma
Assorted Poetry

A collection of my poetry that I decide to share

Chapter 1

An Ever-Changing Dance

At the beginning, it started as some letters

on a page, frustrated hands sweeping the keyboard,

pressing keys at random. When an idea sparks, the entire page

is transformed from blank white snow to a dance

of ink and clouds across the page, detailing

a series of beautiful images.

The critique group tapped

on the images, curious, and they rang empty, nothing

inside, like a hollow crystal lantern. No light,

nothing was seen or found with it.

At the revising table, an orb glitters

among the dull shards, a possibility worth examining.

But the piece is so small and cloudy that its resulting

dance is full of missteps and strange moves

Frustration drops it by the wayside, or buries it deep

in a pocket or a drawer, under a haystack of other papers. The time

to perform comes and it is retrieved, studied, pondered,

screamed at, and finally rewritten, stuttering words finding

their balance again, their dancing steps.

The end is marked. Chair pushed back, eyes examining the creation

to find that somehow, it is not what they saw

at the beginning.

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