By @StargirlVixen13

Everyone is their own worst enemy. This is especially true for Vivien Hawthorne. Her own worst enemy is literally herself, her counterpart, Lorelei. Lorelei doesn't show herself very often, but when she does, she wreaks havoc and destruction. The Hawthornes' story is told by the four people they affected the most--Sadie, Tyler, Aura, and Mason.

Chapter 1

☘︎Sadie Says Hey☘︎


∙present day∙

Hey, y’all, I’m Sadie, and before I met Vivien and Lorelei Hawthorne, I was okay. She damaged me. Vivien didn’t mean to, though. It was all Lorelei. They were polar opposites, except for their eyes. Grey eyes that could light a fire one second and put it out the next. It’s been three years, and her eyes are the main thing I remember. One of the only things I want to remember.

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