By @KingHenry67

Chapter 1


Arya laid on her side,

blood spilling out of her chest

like a knocked over glass.

The last thing she felt was

something cutting through her chest:

ripping into her.

now it was inside.

It was worming through her

like a snake in a mouse’s burrow.

Arya screamed.

Not from pain, not from fear.

From shock.

Arya was used to being the snake.

Now she was the mouse-

paralyzed, stuck.

The being, in one simple movement,

broke her.

Arya let out her final noise as the thing,

whatever it may be,

pulled itself through her corpse.

Into her brain.

For a second, the spasming stopped.

Arya’s body relaxed itself,

pressing into the mud

of the surrounding forest.



Arya stood up,

her legs re-energized and strong.

She stretched her arms,

pressing her shoulder blades together.

She let our a breath into the cold air

and took a step towards her new destination-

a small town near the edge of the world.

Arya smiled.

She had reached her full potential.

She had ascended.

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