As Daylight Dies

By @thewhitewolf
As Daylight Dies

Four months after the massive outbreak, where humans faced their demise while zombies are on the rise and the appearance of mutated monsters ready to devour them. Only few survived the massacre but for how long??

Chapter 1

Daylight Dies

Nick’s POV

The physical extinction of the human race is one possibility.”

Vernor Vinge

Four months ago, We witnessed a calamity that nobody ever wished for. No one ever expect these moment arrived sooner than we thought or even to happen. I remember where people scattering in fear– screaming for help– and running for their dear lives, but none of that helps them unfortunately, they died in vain and worst of all, reincarnate as ruthless flesh eating zombies. ****.

But despite that, we survived. My wife(Kate) my daughter(Allie) and I are all in one piece. Barely. For now, living in a cheap hotel ain’t a bad place to be compared to the outside world. It provides a double size bed,old leather couch,retro tv and of course,the essential, bathroom. Pretty much that was it. Did we pay for it? **** no. Why would we pay for staying in the middle of an zombie outbreak. I’m sure the staff wouldn’t mind either. Considering they’re dead.

Its 6′ o clock in the morning. Waking up from my favorite dusty couch while Kate & Allie shared the same bed– sleeping peacefully. I glared at both of them for the moment. What do I do to deserve them? After everything went down, we still manage to hold on especially Kate.

Ever since day one I met her, she’s always been there for me. My best friend, My better half. As for Allie, she’s doing her best. For just 10 year old kid, I’m glad she understands the situation. In return, I’d do the best I can to cheer her up, no matter how ridiculous and hideous I’d be.

Speaking of hideous, zombies tend to roam in the streets near our area. We might as well called them ghoulsWhy? It’s sound more relevant. What’s worse? The sudden existence of mutated creature — just days after the incident and then, there’s behemoths. **** my life.

“Here we go again.”

I said after washing my face and glance back at the bathroom mirror. Is there any possible way I could just end this torment without suicide? Deep inside, I knew the answer and Its pretty ugly. I’m gonna need to meditate for over thinking and believe me it’s not worth doing so.

“Nick?” A voice called out my name. It’s Kate.

“Are you okay??”

“Yea.. Yeah I’m fine.”

“Liar. I can see it in your eyes. You’re stressed out.” I swear she creeps me out sometime.

“You sure know how to spot one.” she give me a light-hearted smile afterwards with her arms crossed leaning against the bathroom door. Looking hot actually.

“What can i say, I know you really well. We’ve been together for almost 12 years and got Bailey 2 years after that. And of course, you’re a terrible liar.” I can’t help but chuckle because sadly it’s true.

“You were right. But I’m not the only one stressed and scared. So were you and Allie and every human being left in this ******* earth. We should be more careful an–“

“Nick. We know. You said that everyday. Four months has passed and all of us are alive and well. You’re over thinking. As long as we stick together, we all be fine.”

“The word ‘fine’ is never guarantee,Kate. Did you remember what happen to Allie?

Her hand got bitten by those boneheads and I had to cut it off. You and I both know, how it hurts us watching her grasping her hands in pain. I’m not letting that happen to her or any of us again.”

“I remember that very well. It took her weeks to stop crying. But after that, she’s doing great, because we’ve been by her side no matter the ******* odds. And that’s what we should do because I’m scared. I’ve never been this scared in my whole life. But I have you. I have Allie.” She said.

I let out a heavy sigh to get myself straight to get back on track. Kate grab my hands afterwards, stepping closer towards me till no space between us and I lock my eyes with hers.

“I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to apologize for.”

As we can feel each other’s breaths from our mouth, I caress her soft cheeks & slowly lower my head down to collide her lips with mine. We share a tender and passionate kiss without wasting any time. For a moment, I feel peaceful and calm. It’s feels like we never done this in a long time.

“Mom? Dad?” That must be Allie. Both of us slowly unattached each other. I can see her smile while doing so. That’s the best five minutes I ever had.

“Our daughter’s calling.”

“Is there by any chance we can do this again?”

“We’ll see”

She gave me a smirk. Bummer but we should probably check on her anyway. “Hey, is everything alright?” I asked. She seems frighten than usual. “I think I heard something.” She replied. In all honesty, my heart beats fast when she said that but I’ll remain calm no matter what.

“Sweetie, I’m sure you just heard us talking in the bathroom. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“No. I did heard something. It’s sound creepy and really disturbing.” Kate and I glance at each other, thinking of what should we do.

“You both have to believ–“

“Okay. First of, where did you exactly hear this sound came from?” I questioned. I also desperately wanted to know where she heard because we can’t live a single day with doubts that could actually kill us in several occasions.

“The window.”

Slowly shifting my gaze towards the window. I tell my self that this better be a joke but I’m quite unease that its not. I draw my self closer while Kate holds Al in her arms.

I gently grab the window curtain then quickly swipe it. Nothing. There’s nothing bothering us in the first place,just the atmosphere outside looks quite hazy with thick smoke. That’s the only concern I had.

“See, Allie. There’s nothing outside. Just bunch of smoke travelling in the air. Now, let us tak–“

“LOOK OUT!!!” Kate shouted and then there’s a big, flying mutated bird breaks in through the window. “Aaaaahhh!!” Allie screaming in fear. Kate freeze in shock.

“Kate!! Bring Allie to the bathroom now!!!” She nods and quickly snatched Allie with her. On to the wild side, the creature are in its predatory stance while glaring at me like it’s prey. What I’m planning to do is to get to the other side of the room where I put my pistol inside the desk.

“Come on!! You want me?! Come and get me you little ****!”

It finally makes it first move by launching towards my position. Fast enough to attack but i dodged it. Barely. Here’s my chance so I sprint towards the desk and pick out the gun

“Dad!!” Allie shouted in despair. Before I could shoot, The creature cling itself to me, and flaunt the pistol afterwards.


“Kate!! Grab the gun!!” She freezes for a moment, looking really uncertain but my life is at its stake right now.

“Grab it!!!” That’s my last call before I got bitten by the legs. She finally ran and grab the pistol. “Shoot it!!” She pulls the trigger. The bullet ran straight to its eyes. But one shot are not enough to kill. She shoot it over and over until the creature barely move.

“Kate!! Take Allie and get out of here!!”

“No!! Not without you!”

“Just go!!”

“I said no!!!” Stubborn woman. I can’t run or even walk with these wounds on my left leg.

“Come on. You can do these Nick.” She said.

Suddenly, there’s growling sound coming from outside,approaching to the hotel. Great.

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