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Are We Bad People?

By @Al1996

Chapter one: The beginning

A red dot flashes indicating that a camera is recording

Dean looks into the lens and clears his throat “Hey Sammy. I’m your older brother Dean. Welcome to the family little brother.” He smiles and after a few minutes turns off the camera. He tears up slightly as he thinks of how he’ll always be there to protect Sam from any and all things bad. He was gonna make sure that his little brother never got hurt.

Camera turns on and the red light flashes

Dean stares into the camera tears in his eyes and bruises around his eyes “Sammy, I had a bad run with a werewolf today. Dad got ****** and drove off. Don’t worry I’ll make sure there’s food” he turns off the camera and sobs heavily in the bathroom of the cheap motel that John had dumped him in. He had a few dollars for food and that was it. He would continue to make theses tapes even when Sam was old enough to talk. Dean would then grab Sam and run off to their uncle Bobby’s so that maybe they’d be safe. Dean knew enough to not leave a note telling John where they were. He knew that if he did that he’d be the one in deep ****.

Ten years later.

Dean ran as fast as he could from the Wendego and managed to find a cave to hide in. He took out his cellphone and dialed his brother’s number. It went to voicemail “SAM!” He yelled as tears ran down his face. He could hear his father’s voice yelling at him for getting Sam hurt and for letting him run off to college. He could hear the footsteps of the creature come closer. He closed his eyes and waited. He heard the creature leave and waited ten seconds before making an other run for it. Dean ran through the woods trying to avoid branches. His legs still sore from all the running and falling on his stomach. His face covered in scratches from low hanging tree limbs and the odd pine needle. He passed out just as he reached the clearing where Sam who had avoided him for years was now standing next to a dead Wendego. He smiled as he once more fell to the hard ground.


Sam Winchester stood at six feet three inches with hair that nearly reached his shoulders. He ran over to his brother and heaved him into the impala that had been in the family since their dad had bought it the day he met their mom.

He drove the three miles to Bobby’s house in what seemed like a short time. Dean groaned in the back seat as he slowly woke up from his three hour nap. “Hey Dean” Sam smiled in the rear view mirror while at the same time trying to keep his eyes on the road. “Hey Sammy” Dean rubbed his temples and sat up “How did..” he trailed off “How did I know where you were?” He finished the question “Bobby told me and I tried to get there as fast as I could” Dean smiled as best he could since his face was hurting from all the cuts and bruises.

End Chapter one.

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