Arcane lord

By @Crazymonk

Arcane lord

By @Crazymonk

I am trying to write a litrpg and have justritten the first chapter. The story revolves around an ex rich kid who plays games with his friend to earn money and his fathers company

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Ye Chen, a 20-year-old Chinese, stood there for a long time, saying nothing only looking at the rusty old bench that was being towed away. He was as still as stone and hardly seemed to be influenced by the Central Plaza’s vibrant atmosphere. Contrary to the merry chatters around him, his blue eyes were full of tears waiting for him to let them loose. This bench was the only memory he had of his parents.

 Looking at him, one would never be able to imagine that five years ago he was a wealthy, arrogant heir to a business worth 10 billion credits, who successfully made everything possible by using money, and he would have lived the same way if not for the news of his parents that he had received during that Christmas. His parents were flying home to celebrate Christmas with him, but because of unknown conditions, their chartered  plane had crashed. The reason still unknown .Although there was not much interaction between him and his parents, he still respected them for their diligent work, so that he could live a wonderful life.

 Though they wanted him to inherit their fortune, they would not allow him to squander it, so his father made a clause stating that Ye Chen had to deposit 10 million credits in order to acquire their fortune.

 Putting his hand in the pockets of his long overcoat, he walked toward the old joe pizzeria. Ye Chen was the type of guy that you’d walk past every day yet you wouldn’t notice him. The air of arrogance and nobility had been long replaced by a strangely calm aura.


**Present Day at Old Joe’s Pizzeria**


Sitting at the corner table of old joe’s pizzeria was Jason, with athletic built, normal ****** features, and a gravely serious expression. This expression of his worried old joe extremely. That was because in his 10 years of knowing this shameless kid. There were only two times that Jason was in such deep thoughts. The first when he heard about Chen’s parent’s death and predicted that it was Chen’s uncle who planned this accident. And the second , when Chen’s only relative, his useless uncle, had actually taken over the company saying it was “till little Ye is competent enough I shall carry my brother’s legacy.” On the latter day, Jason had concluded that Mr. Ye Feng would squander money from the company and when Chen would turn 18, all of Chen’s privileges would be taken away. 

 What surprised joe was that. it was a 16-year-old who had come to these conclusions; Moreover the second conclusion had become a reality.

Therefore, seeing him like this joe was worriedly thinking about what had happened with Chen this time.

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