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By @Snake-of-Eden

The Ode Too...

Entropy will out.

Nothing ever lasts.

Life cyclic, death, a certainty.

Heartbeats cease,

Tails, breathing, moving, time slows and.

Moves on without us waiting for no one.

Subjectivity reigns in tandem with apathy.

Co-rulers of the cosmos and.

Old personal friends.

Nialism squats in the back streets of conciousness,

Ever the watcher, never the tennant.

Ears hearing without listening.

Eyes looking without seeing.

Hearts beating without feeling and brains working wothout thinking.

Here we are, as we are and will be ever onward.

The powers of heaven and hell will want us all back…

Everything, everyone, every soul every bring.

A time, a place, a person and a reason exists for you.

Theres a whole perfectly shaped to fit within.

Find it.

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