Apartment 502

By @Arotrika
Apartment 502

Should I have helped, or was leaving it alone the mistake in the first place. This couple didn't have a happy start and I don't think it had the fate for a happy end...

Chapter 1

The Meeting

No chairs falling, no sound of anything breaking. It had been like this for a while now. I hope she’s fine in there, I don’t think I saw her leave the house anytime. Or him….

“Hey, I’m ready” Sheila called out from the bedroom. “What’re you staring at? it’s like you’ve never seen your lobby before”

“No, it’s nothing, just……………… thinking” I replied, I didn’t want to worry her with all my tension. She already had a lot going on with her exhibition today. It didn’t seem fair.

I locked my apartment, 501, and glanced towards 502. There were only two houses on each floor.

“What is it with you and those guys? Is the guy a celebrity or something?” Sheila was so nosy, can’t take a hint either. I told her it’s nothing. Just let it go

“No, I just remembered something, anyway we should get going if you want to make an entrance at your OWN exhibition” I changed the topic, maybe because I didn’t want to think about it either.

(Few hours later)

Time flies when you’re having fun, it was probably the first time I ever enjoyed my time at a museum. I should really give it to Sheila, she’s a great artist.


What was that? I turn around and see a young couple, playing around. God, would it kill her to not scream, almost gave me a mini heart attack.

 Right then I remember another moment when I had a mini heart attack.

Oh right, it was at my housewarming party, and it was related to them……………

The people from apartment 502.

(Housewarming party 4 months back)

“So you see it’s not all that bad shifting here” I laughed

It was a great day, and my building residents were so friendly. I kindly excused myself to see if I had left anyone, it’s so important to maintain a good relationship with everyone, especially if you’re new.

I quickly scanned the room and saw everyone.

Floor 1 – Check

Floor 2 – Check

Floor 3 – Check

Floor 4 – …….

Wait a second, who’s that? I saw a sweet looking lady sitting by herself at one corner of the room. I figured she must be the person living opposite to my house, since I talked to everyone else.

I slowly made my way over with a glass of juice for her.

“Hey, I’m Tina, I recently shifted from New York, though most would say this is a demotion.” I said with a smile. But she didn’t laugh or smile or even look at me.

She kept looking around the room. Was she searching for someone?

“Are you here with anyone?” I asked

“Yes, my husband” She replied with such a fragile voice, not that I knew what fragile voices sounded like.

“Oh where is h…..” Just as I asked, a tall figure came and stood in front of us.

He had a chosen to wear real dark attire, not something you’d want to wear at someone’s housewarming.

“We should go, right Alina” It sounded more of a threat than a question

“No stay for a little more time, I wou….”

“No, we’d rather leave” saying that he grabbed Alina’s hand and with a lot of force too.

I could tell.

I didn’t want Alina to leave though I hardly knew anything about her, plus she didn’t seem like she had a say in leaving or staying.

So I grabbed her other hand

Obviously she stopped and so did the man.

He turned and walked to where I was. He glared at me but didn’t say anything, that look was threat enough.

“Do you have a problem? we really do need to go” He said his gaze never showing a sign of calming down.

“N no, I I’m sorry uhhh” I stuttered

But before I could even complete my sentence or forced upon apology, he left with her. Leaving me nothing but fear.

Was he like this at home too?

Or was he…………………

Even worse. 

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