By @skeirstin

Chapter 1


Dear, Anxiety

We have been friend for as long as i could remember. I’m just going to say it, i hate you. Man does that feel good.

You never let me have fun or have friends or relationships.why tho? Do you think, you can be my everything for me.

I’m sorry but no you cant, you are ruining my life slowly. I cant even leave my house without , you telling me about everything that could go bad or how i met die because the car flips over or the building falls on me or l get shot or kidnapped. That’s not how friends should be like. You should support me but All you do is bring me down all the time. I away though there was something wrong with me but it’s been you this whole time.When i’m happy about thing, hear comes Anxiety saying, stop wait i have something to tell you. You know what its getting old. Do you thing you could leave me bee for a while to do my own thing for a chance. Don’t you want to see me do it by myself for once . I want to sleep without YOU. I want to make friends without YOU. I don’t need YOU anymore. Your always in the background of everything, trying to control what you want but YOU never think about what i want. At one time i wanted to thank you for keeping me back from things i didn’t want to face but that only hurt me even more then YOU did. Without YOU i would not be the person i am today, so i thankful for that. I hate YOU and i love YOU at the same time. Anxiety attacks every one different but all the same time too. If am being true i wish YOU would take a step back and let me be the person i suppose to be without YOU by my side. If you feel alone trust me , you are not alone . Who ever is reading this , i hope this help you just a little bit.



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  1. tesshaiku

    Aww. Beautiful. Keep it up

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