Anti-Boys, Love Ploys and Eight Ball Toys

By @Aroshew
Anti-Boys, Love Ploys and Eight Ball Toys

Man-hating Chloe doesn't believe in love, but when her friends wager that she'll fall in love with the school hot-shot by prom, who also happens to be her new science partner, the chemistry starts to get real... and not the nerdy kind.

Chapter 1


I have this philosophy that all keychains are evil.

Not like it matters, considering the fact I never come in contact with them. However, the last day of last semester, I missed the bus. You can imagine how thrilled I was to trample home in three feet of snow in the middle of a Colorado Winter Not-So-Wonderland. At one point, I wandered into this pawn shop to warm my feet, and I must have looked pretty pathetic because one of the owners gave me a cup of hot cocoa and handed me a box saying, “Here, keep this, I can’t sell it here.”

I opened the box when I got home, and there it was. The stupid keychain that ruined my life. But, at the time I said, “Hey, cool tiny eight ball” and I attached it to the zipper of my backpack where it would then ruin lives.

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