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By @Joyous_One

You ask “why do you smile to the thought of me?”

Simple answer it shall be

For when I see you

I know I’ll hold you tight

While all the same

I’d never let go

You must see

What I see in you

As you’re gentle in touch and words

Showing me what a real man is

You have a smile that brightens my day

and that melts my heart

You have a personality I’ve never seen

That I love and find unique

Your the one I chose for in my life

until the end

The one I wish to care for

While being your metal armor for the tough days

You may ask “why do you love me?”

Simple answer it shall be

You help me be me

While I help you be you

You taught me to love

For I only love you

I only wish to be by your side

For days and nights

To kiss your lips

and steal your warmth while in bed

To laugh with you

and cry with you

For one day I hope to walk down a aisle

In white clothes with music playing

Then to have a bond of friendship and love

within the symbol of a ring

Then for when it comes

I’ll be me and you’ll be you the man I fell in love with

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