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Another weird story

By @isaacwharmon

I looked out the shuttle window as the spaceship streaked away from Earth. It looked so small from out here in space, so peaceful. But that was a false impression. That small green and blue sphere floating in space was the worst place to be right now. The countries of Earth were fighting in World War Four. No place was safe, except for the U.S. and Canada. They were the only countries who had Photon Shield technology and were safe from all attacks.

Everywhere else was a different story. Every country had united to try and over power the U.S. and Canada because of their break through on the shield tech. That had turned out to be a bad idea. Canada and the United States had survived the surprise nuclear attacks and had quickly covered their nations with Photon Shields. Then they attacked the rest of the world.

I was fleeing space at the time. I was from Russia at the time when it was under attack from Canada. As soon as the war had started, Russia was one of the first under attack, probably because it was the Country that had started the attacks on the U.S. and Canada. My hometown was small and quiet, but nowhere was actually safe. So, my parents sent into space with all the other Russian children.

The ship began to speed up. We zoomed past the moon and towards Mars. We sped up even more. There went the asteroid belt. We slowed down as we came up on Jupiter. The huge ball of gas was enormous. We aimed towards the moon Europa, where the Earth Settlement was. We landed without a problem.

Europa was like a huge water park. It used to be frozen with ice, but settlers had brought a bunch of space heaters to the moon and thawed it. Now, it was a nice 75 degrees all the time and a great family resort. We went to one of the huge hotels standing out of the ocean and got out of the big ship. Each of the hundreds of Russian children got their own room. We were safe!

I went to my room. It had a king sized bed and a large tiled bathroom. It was like a normal hotel on Earth, except for the view. Europa had a rainbow colored atmosphere because of all the water in the air. It was amazing. I went to bed, then woke up, then went and got some food from the lobby. I went back up to my room and got my swimsuit on, then went outside to swim.

I got outside and was about to jump off the dock when a siren went off. A voice came over the loudspeaker. “We are about to get nuked by Canada, so say your last prayers and stuff!” Everyone started screaming and running around. I jumped off the dock into the water. I was going to die, but not without swimming in one of Jupiter’s moons. The water was perfect, so warm, but not -BOOOOOOOOOOM- too warm. I died.

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