Another Space And Time

Another Space And Time

woke up in the middle of no where, Oliver, starts his journey in finding out what happened to him and where is he now ?

Chapter 3


Feeding on Oliver’s fear, hungry for more, Enak pushed him outside to the street. Oliver found people walking their pets, but no. Normality is absurd in this dimension. The pets were dinosaurs, with owners staring at Oliver as if he is the next person to die. “You have to stay here, the more you think of running away, the easier death will find you” Enak whispered in his ear. Oliver takes in his surroundings, finding an airplane barely floating in a lake. His legs run in anticipation towards it, seeking a way back home. Disappointingly, no one is there, “Stop fighting your fate” Enak shouted. “I must find my way back, this can’t be the end, you are not even real” Oliver replied. Fueled with anger, Enak attacked him, but Oliver’s actions were driven by madness and fury, easily knocking Enak to the ground. While resting on his knees, taking his breath, Oliver caught a sight of a woman floating above the water in the opposite side of the sinking plane. She looked at him with caring eyes, those eyes made his breath hitch as his thoughts started to gather.

 It hit him suddenly, flashing before his eyes. He remembered that Enak and the crimson skies were part of his nightmares as a kid, and dinosaurs were his worst fear too. The woman smiled, stretching her hand over to his way and said: “Come now darling let me fix you, and calm these storms inside your head”. Oliver woke up as if he were just saved from drowning, eyes widening in shock at the realization that he is in an asylum, mentally ill people and nurses accompanying him. They may be attempting to help him, but they cannot control his terrifying nightmares. At that moment, he was exactly sure that his head is not normal, and this is where he belongs, in a prison of endless fears.

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