Another Space And Time

Another Space And Time

woke up in the middle of no where, Oliver, starts his journey in finding out what happened to him and where is he now ?

Chapter 2

New Friends ?

Having no choice but to trust him, Oliver agreed to visit Enak’s place, his new “friend”. He seized the chance to become enlightened, and finally learned the backstory of his whereabouts. It turns out that a scientific experiment led to a sudden, massive explosion erupting accidentally. After that incident, things were never the same. Let alone causing an eclipse, a portal leading to 7 dimensions was opened. Some of the people nearby got forcefully sucked into that portal, to end up in different dimensions helplessly, Oliver was among these people. This historic tragedy happened on May 26th, 2021. The government named it as “The Lunar Day”.

Now eager to find more people, perhaps someone familiar, Oliver asked: “Where are the rest?”. “They are all dead” Enak simply replied, triggering Oliver to panic all over again. “All you see in here is made out of human fear” Enak said, pointing to his head. Not giving up his hopes, Oliver asked: “But how did they die, what can I do?”, “wait and you will see” Enak evilly replied, eyeing the poor guy with cunning eyes. 

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