Another Space And Time

Another Space And Time

woke up in the middle of no where, Oliver, starts his journey in finding out what happened to him and where is he now ?

Chapter 1

Another Dimension

Waking up from what felt like a coma, Oliver, a young man, was laying on the ground. Head heavy with thoughts, facing the sky. But oh, how strange did it appear. Nothing looked familiar to him, not the abandoned streets, not the deep crimson sky, and not the scary number of visible planets scattered up there. Starting to wonder how he ended up here, the pieces started falling into place. This is a different dimension, he just knows it deep down. 

“Where am I, and how did I end up here?” Oliver curiously speaks his mind, but no soul to answer.

He shot up in panic, blazing blue eyes frantically looking around the empty streets, trying to take it all in. Desperate for anyone or anything, running in hopes of finding explainations, but not a single sign.

Suddenly, a voice is heard, breaking the painful silence. “Hello?” the stranger shouts from far. With accelerating heartbeats, Oliver turns around and runs to the source, only to be facing an inhuman creature, a freak. Oliver’s eyes widen in fear, seeing the bald, deformed creature walking towards him upside down, arms and legs swapped. It said, “Don’t be afraid, my friend, you traveled through another space and time and landed here”. 

“But how?” Oliver asked immediately. “Come with me, I’ll show you. We’re used to meeting like your kind in here” the stranger replies, in a not so comforting tone.

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