Another Fairy-Not-Tale

By @Lillian_Chafreney
Another Fairy-Not-Tale

Fairy tales are supposedly happy in the End. Or maybe not. Allesienesse thinks that happy endings exist and that she has a Prince Charming out there. But long given up when she started graduating from college and working from one of the best companies. Her hopes of meeting her Prince Charming fades as time goes by. “Waiting is Hard” as she says.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Once upon a Time

*London 1996*

“Uncle Ferry, I can’t sleep again”

A little girl walked inside my room hugging a brown bear. Her black hair cascading from her small back. White porcelain skin shinning upon the light of the moon.

“Why sweetheart? Another nightmare?”

She nodded her small head. Allesienesse was only a month old when her parents died from a tragic accident. Since I’m the only family she had I decided to adopt her as my own, but never took the title of being a father to her.

“Come, let’s get you to your room and I’ll tell you a story”

“Is it about the Beast Prince again Uncle?”

Her doe eyes like tells me that she wanted to hear about the beast she often calls a Prince Charming.

“Of course sweetheart”

We reached her room and she hurriedly laid down on her bed. I sat down beside her. I wasn’t married or had a partner in life, since in my opinion it was a hindrance to have a relationship that would complicate things for my work, I’m not against it. I’m just not fond of the idea. As of now. I’m contented of taking care of my sister’s child.

“Once upon a time, there was a castle hidden in the very debt of the forests. There, lived a King named Larcus. King Larcus was not an ordinary human being. He was a skin of Bronzed-gold, eyes as dark as the blue sea and hair white as the clouds. One day, he was bored and decided to take a stroll to the forest when he saw the most beautiful maiden named Isabella. She was a human for sure. Her beauty bewitched the Kin. The maiden was gathering berries. Plucking them ever so lightly.

“She move like a Queen, so graceful and elegant” said the king to himself.

Every day the King would visit this secret place, as what he had referred to when she met her, just to see the beautiful maiden. And everyday the maiden never fails to surprise the King as she always appear to gather berries.

One time when the maiden was plucking berries, a sudden appearance of a boar came. And started attacking her. The king was in sight and faster than the wind, he flew over and pulled the boar as if it was nothing but a small sack of flour.

The maiden was terrified, shocked even. She didn’t know what to say. Trembling she was to see such a huge boar and shocked from the coming of her hero. She was scared at the boar, but looking at the handsome man in front of him confused him more. His skin was glowing because of the sun gazing on his bronze-gold skin, deep blue orbs seeking her souls looking at her, and white hair as soft as the cloud. He was not ordinary, said the maiden to herself, as he pulled the boar without even sweating.

He stood in front of her towering her with the height of 6 foot 7.

“She’s more enchanting now that I’m closer to her” said he, in his mind.

“th-thank you sir ermm…”

Unable to speak straight because of the King’s piercing gaze she shook her head and diverted her gaze down the dirt.

“Larcus, call me Larcus. Miss, are you alright? Did you gain any injuries?”

It was evident in the Kings voice that he was worried at her. His eyes roaming all around her to look for any cut but he found none. She again was shocked. She never had thought that someone like her would meet a man like him and would care so much. She cleared her throat and meet his gaze. Snapped out of it!

“I’m fine Sir Larcus. Thank you for saving me. But how did you dragged such big thing with you bare hands? It was, amazing”

He can see her eyes twinkling with adoration and curiosity. I see she was amazed by my abilities.

On that day the King and the maiden became friends and then best of friends and then finally Lovers.

They decided to marry one day and there a child was made.


This was no happy ending. One evening, a witch came to visit the castle. She told the couple that a great disaster will happen if the child was born. It will bring revolution to both people and super naturals. Because it will be born with the blood of the Wads. A wad is a warrior that is born with the blood of a God and a supernatural being. Both powerful and harmful. Considering that there was once a wad who was not contented with what he has, eaten by his greed he tried to consume the world by himself. The Gods have heard of the threat he brings, they decided to banish him in the underworld and to never come back. It was considered dangerous to everyone for this will cause a lot of misfortune.

The King and the Queen was terrified, they did not want this to happen. But they love the child even if it was not born yet.

Every village and every kingdom heard about this news and decided to confront the King. They all decided to turn their backs at them and tried to kill them. In the end, a treaty was made that the King shall live so as his Queen but the child shall die. But Queen Isabella did not like the idea, he fought until she died, and she bore a child. A baby boy. The king ran away from his own Kingdom and was never seen again.

Grieving for his dead wife he promised to protect their only child.”


Looking at the little girl beside me, she was snoring lightly. Adorable, I say. I carefully lifted the duvet and kissed her forehead, stood up and leave.

She wasn’t be able to finish my story today. Maybe she was exhausted from playing.

Might as well go to sleep too.

Morning came and I’m serving Allesienesse a breakfast. Rubbing her eyes with her small hands, she yawned.

“Uncle, tell me the story again, you didn’t finish it last night” she pouted/

“You were sleeping soundly sweetheart. But if you insist. Alright then…”


“The King lived on a small village far away from his kingdom. He took a face of an old man. Masking himself and lived as a book keeper store. He made a room where he hides his son. He took good care of his child and gave him love and care but never let him outside.

As the boy grew up the King noticed something changing from his son.

His eyes were a mix of green, violet and red. Misty. It was different. And his hair grew all over his face and body. The King was shocked. But eventually accepted his son’s appearance. Knowing the signs of being a wad is showing.

Sitting beside the window was the Prince. Looking outside, his eyes full of sadness. He questioned his father beside him cleaning the bookshelves.

“Father, why do I look like this?”

He was always wondering, when he saw people outside, who had skin rather unnatural as what his father had told him.

“Because you are special my son”

It had always been like that, the same answer he gets from his father. That he was special. That he was different because he is someone special.

But he never believed that. He knows of what a monster he is. One time his father was forced to ask a favor to one of his friends. His father had to leave to visit a town to look for a sudden book that a costumer had been looking for. And because he was alone he cannot afford his son to be left alone. He asked one of his trusted friends to look for the house. It was instructed to the price that he should never come out but was tempted by the sound of a new person. The friend was terrified of him. When he saw what a monster he is he ran off. That night he slept without any company and his father lighting the lamp. He missed his father. Never would imagine being away from his father. It was the first night he was exposed of the darkness.


“Father, it’s my 10th birthday tomorrow”

Every birthday his father would bring him to his special place.

The forest.

Where he can be free. Where he can do anything he want.

The place was close to a cliff where he often sat and watch the sunset until the moon.

“I would lie to take you to a different place my son.”

With the new information the prince couldn’t hide his excitement. His father smiled at him. It’s time to face where you are destined to be son. Said his father in his mind.

They are t going to the Woods anymore. They will never come back to that place. Instead they will claim back what they once owned.

Their own kingdom.


Claiming back a Kingdom was not as hard as what the King has thought. Journeying back, the king claimed back his own throne with his son beside him. He was unstoppable. All the blood and sweat he had sacrificed was worth it. The reason behind all the travels he had gone through was to meet every witch that could help him strengthen his powers and how to change the peoples mind about what his son is. He found a very good solution to help him. And that is to find a blood of a Shae. Fortunately he found one and let the prince drink it with the help of a witch and a few spells. The Prince gained a skin of human but only at night, his furry skin in the morning. He was happy but that did not change the fact that he is still have the blood of wad. They were be able to take over the kingdom.

His son was happy, but at the same time frustrated because he still can’t go out due to being scared that people might fear him. Instead the Princely beast Hid in the castle without anyone seeing him. All the villagers and Kingdoms know that the dark prince is alive and living with the King in their Kingdom.


“Uncle Ferry, why are people afraid of the Prince? I don’t think he was scary at all. He’s a prince, and princes are all handsome”

While moving her head left to right indicating she disagree with the idea.

“Well sweetheart, that is the story”

Finishing her breakfast he scooted over her chair and swing her small pack to her back and bid goodbye to her uncle.

“I wish you won’t be scared when you face reality Alles” he whispered while he watches the girl fade away from the street.


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