Angels and Demons

By @xXRose_BabyXx
Angels and Demons

Angelina Deme is 15, at that age, students are required to take a test. One that determines if they will be an Angel or Demon. Being born into a family of Angels, Angelina isn't the slightest bit worried. Okay, maybe a little. After her test results

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Angelina Deme stared out the window of the school bus. Her long blonde hair veiled her striking blue eyes like a mask. Angelina was an Undetermined, this meant she had no idea if she was an Angel, or Demon. Her fate hadn’t been decided.

            “Angelina, Angelina, Angelina Deme.” Alicia Keeper, Angelina’s best friend, poked her in the ribs until she answered. Angelina jumped, not used to hearing her full name come from Alicia.

            “What?” Angelina exclaimed, turning to Alicia. She stuck out her bottom lip playfully.

            “You don’t have to be such a meanie, Lina!” Alicia joked, mimicking Angelina’s younger brother, Ethan.

            “Is that really all you had to tell me?” Angelina laughed at her friend’s antics. Alicia smirked, but it was quickly wiped from her face as the bus lurched to a stop, sending a few older kids flying into the aisle. Angelina and Alicia sprawled onto the floor.

            When she had recovered, Angelina looked out the window to find a new view in front of her. It was a large building, the left half was a creamy white. The right half, a dull blackish-red. In the center was a gray stone.

            “Let’s go.” Alicia suggested, leading Angelina off the bus. The students filed off and into the courtyard. Standing next to the building, Angelina realized how big it was. She sucked in a breath as she realized that this was her school now.

            They followed the crowd of students, some Undetermined kids lingered. Along with Angelina and Alicia.

            “Lina…” Angelina looked at her friend, her eyes were round and her face was pale.

            “Yeah?” Angelina said, as someone ran into her, nearly knocking her over.”

            “Wh-what if I’m a Demon?” Alicia stuttered. Both the Deme and Keeper families had a long, long, long lineage of Angels. After the kids at the primary school learned, they started a rumor of how if you got the opposite as your family, you were no longer allowed to live with them.

            “Alicia Lauren Keeper, you will in no way ever be a Demon. If anyone says otherwise, I will beat them to a pulp. You’re the most angelic person I have ever met!” Angelina insisted. A smile formed on Alicia’s face.

            They ventured farther into the school, and suddenly a shrill sound echoed through the halls. Only the Undetermined students remained.

                “I think that was the bell…” Angelina reasoned. They all stood in silence for a moment, before taking off to their first classes.

            Angelina had How to Tell an Angel and Demon Apart 101. Not like it would be an interesting class, since she wouldn’t even have it tomorrow.

            Angelina navigated her way through the seemingly never-ending halls. Getting lost, once or twice. When she found the classroom, she opened the door and stepped inside quietly as possible.

            The students looked at her, and Angelina felt her cheeks heat up. “Nice of you to join us, Miss Deme, I presume. Please take a seat.” Angelina’s teacher, Mr. Crone ordered. She obeyed. “Now, as I was saying-“

            Mr. Crone was cut off by a kid from the back of the room throwing a wadded up piece of paper at Angelina. She sighed, she was used to the torment. 

    Mr. Crone cleared his throat loudly. “Now, before I was interrupted I was saying, Angels and Demons look similar when disguised as Landers, more commonly known as humans. Please, turn to page 27 and read through 30.”

    There was a rustling of pages, and some scraping of the desks before an eerie silence settled over the room. The only noise was the turning of pages and the occasional sound of someone clearing their throat.

    After a few minutes, Mr. Crone announced that time was up. “Who would like to summarize the section?” A boy raised his hand. “Ah, yes. Mr. Quentin?”

    “Please, sir, just call me Theodore.” The boy protested. Mr. Crone waved his hand, as if to say the idea was nonsense. Theodore sighed. “To tell an Angel and Demon apart, simply look at their eyes. Angels have traditionally brighter colored eyes, whereas Demons have dull colored eyes.”

    “Very good, would someone else like to add anything?” Mr. Crone looked around the room. “Miss Deme?”

    “Angels, while disguised as Landers, have a thin line of white surrounding the iris. Demons have more of a black color. Another thing is, Angels have traditionally lighter hair. Such as blonde, or light brown. Demons have dark brown, or black. You will rarely find a Flyer with red hair.” Angelina recited.

    “Yes, very good, Miss Deme. That is a fact most people tend to forget.” Angelina beamed with pride. “Now, please turn to chapter eight. Read only chapter eight!”        

    The classroom was submerged in silence again. Mr. Crone relaxed back in his chair, and set his black loafers onto the cluttered mess of a desk in front of him.

    Angelina’s eyes scanned over the words, given how small they were, they gave her a headache. Around ten minutes later, Angelina came to the end of the chapter. She looked up, and glanced around the room. No one else had finished.

    She knew the trick, they’d been doing it since grade school. It was getting quite old, if you ask her. If the teacher assigns a passage to read, take as much time as possible to finish it. That way the teacher won’t have any time to give any homework.

    Although they wouldn’t have homework, since they were Undetermined, everyone still insisted on pulling the trick. Mr. Crone sat at the head of the room, waiting for more people to finish. He didn’t notice Angelina.

    Finally, more people started to finish. Then the bell rang, setting off a chain reaction of scuffling feet and the ear-splitting sound of chairs scraping on linoleum floors.

    Angelina shoved her way out the door, and looked for Alicia. She saw a flash of bright clothes and sandy blonde hair and chased after it.

    “Alicia!” Angelina called. Alicia turned.

    “Hi, Lina. How was class?” Alicia asked, smiling at her.

    “Ugh, boring as usual. Mr. Crone is such a snooze-fest.” Angelina joked. Both girls started to laugh. But their moment of joy was cut short when the intercom crackled.

    The voice of Mistress Lex sounded through the halls. “All Undetermined, please report to the testing room.”

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