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And then there were none.

By @Truebluedah

A Poem

Wandering through the woods

where evil creatures lurk.

A pale girl frightened and scared

waded into the murk.


The tide sped up,

the currents thrashed,

the poor girl was pulled under.


Rain poured down and

into the thicket

wandered another.


Thunder boomed,

branches crashed.

The second girl’s head

Was badly bashed.


The third sister

tried to help.

But their fate was sealed

she knew all too well.


The fourth sister tried to locate them

But wolves soon found her and devoured.

The fifth sister was no help at all,

for she was a vain coward.


All alone in the house,

the fifth felt safe with glee.

Soon after she was haunted by her sisters

all saying, “Now you’ll come with me.”


She ran and screamed.

She cursed and cried

But it was too late,

for she too had died.


Dropping like flies,

one by one,

these sisters all died,

and then there were none.

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