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And Then She Smiled…

By @XxLostBoyxX


The night sang a dreadful tune, it felt almost like a warning as Willow Jefferson found herself standing in complete darkness. There was no source of light, no sound, nothing. Suddenly, a hot was of air fanned itself on the back of her neck, causing the hair to stand upright and a startled Willow to spin around. She saw nothing, but she could feel it. She could feel the presence of someone around her – watching her every movement with such intensity it sent a chill down her spine.

Her heart hammered against her chest as she felt someone’s hands trace across the bare skin of her back. She could not move – her limbs were useless. She could not scream – her voice was useless.

Those once gentle hands abruptly became chains, bounding her. The once completely dark space was lit by a single flame. And there he was… Not his face, nor his body, but his eyes. His eyes, they held no colour, but the sadness whirling within them softened her heart.

Regaining control of her limbs, she reached out to where she believed his face would be. Just then that sadness morphed into anger and a roar of thunder sounded throughout the night. The flame disappeared. He disappeared.

And she could no longer breathe.

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