And The Rain Will Pour


And The Rain Will Pour


Analiya is a very talented girl in the work of art. Always has been, always will be...or so she thought. Analie meets a girl named Brittany Stevens who seems to have some suddenly, suspicious interest in her. Then soon things take a twist.

Chapter 1

The Start

From the start, I’ve always wanted to be a fine artist. I’ve always been told I was talented, and that I was worthy, and that I needed to pursue my dreams. To never give up, just keep on chasing, even if my legs gave out because it will all be worth it in the end. They said I had the hand, mind, and creativity to conquer in canvas and pursue in paint.

…and I always have…

…that is…

…until I met Brittany Stevens.

Brittany, Brittany. A very beautiful girl in my grade and practically all my classes. She was always making sure she was well liked, no one hated her..everyone loved her, and enjoyed her company. Britney was a gorgeous girl, blonde, blue eyed, dimples, and wide wonder-filled smile. Brittany had a flawless personality as well positive, outgoing, social, humorous, kind, and the list continues so on and so forth. Yes, Brittany, had a flawless appearance, a flawless positive effect, and flawless personality…or so I thought….

In third period, history class, I had been writing notes from the powerpoint on the TV down.


“Hey,” I whispered back as Mr. Windham continued his lesson.”Umm, Science, it’s my next period-”

“I know,” she kept on her sentence that I had so unnecessarily interrupted.”-and I was hurried off to a football game-” did I mention she did cheer? “-and I didn’t get the last question…number 35? Do you happen to know the answer?” She asked, trying to slide into what she really was trying to say “I was too busy with cheer I didn’t get number 35, can I copy your answer?”

“…the periodic table represents elements such as calcium, helium, and titanium. “


“No problem.” I informed. Doing that unnecessary interruption thing again. I smiled, and she smiled back, and I turned to copy the notes that I hadn’t missed yet down.

After class I went up to my best friend, Marilyn, “Hey Marr, I need to see some of the notes in Mr. Windham’s class, I missed some about the Mongolians.”

“You get distracted?” She asked looking at my paint, and lead smeared hands.”Yeah, but not by art, working on abstract.”

“Hmm, cool. Why’d you get distracted?”

“Brittany needed the answer to a question to science, but that’s not important, can I use them?”

“Yeah, the’re in my-“

“Yellow binder? Yeah, got it thanks Marr.” There I go again. Marilyn walked to class and I walk to mine, until Brittany strodds her way to me. “Hey Analie,”


“How are you doing?”

“Fine, the same as before..why? “

“Just curious..hey, I got a question.”


“Do you want to hang out at The Dish?”

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