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An incomplete epilogue

By @p.c

the epilogue (still incomplete)

“Well, whatever it is, get it done quickly.” Adam’s eyes met Father Ayah’s, full with annoyance. “But why, my child?” “You are God, so don’t you know why?” Adam started to feel really uncomfortable with his company and he wished to be alone so bad at that moment. Meanwhile, Father Ayah’s smile was wider than before, it started to look non-genuine. His bald head didn’t make him look better either. “Oh, I sure do. But listening to my child’s voice won’t harm me. So do tell, why do you want to leave so bad?” Parts of Adam believed that the creature in front of him already know that the bald creature’s presence was one of the main reason he wanted to leave so bad. However, he thought saying it out loud might not be a good idea. Yet deep down, Adam knew there was another reason. Adam shrugged and proceed to answer. “Well, after I left my mortal body,..” Adam paused for a while as he remembered himself died as a mortal before, which was not his favourite moment. “I was roaming endlessly for you know how long. You know, to find Hell. So, when I thought I found it, I was expecting hell fire, deadly screams from the sinners, and hell-related stuffs. Hell was never a quiet place, last time I was there. But now I am seeing these clouds, blue sky, doves, You. This calm place is not Hell, obviously, and I feel really odd right now.” Adam let out a heavy sigh once he finished talking. “Say my child, if I can grant you a wish, will you wish to be in Hell?” Father Ayah asked eagerly. Adam flinched when he heard that question. It took less than a second to shake his head off. Father Ayah acted like he was curious although he already know everything. “No? Then where do you wish to be, my child?” Adam fidgeted a little before he let a heavy sigh out. He looked down to his tail, where his mortal feet used to be. His mind was full with not something… it was someone. “It doesn’t matter…. Anywhere is useless…” “Anywhere is useless because your heart’s desire is nowhere.” “Now, can you stop being creepy like…. Ive?” Father Ayah was nowhere to be seen, but it didn’t concern Adam at all, for his love of life was standing right in front of him, looking as beautiful as the first time they met. No words could describe Adam Paimon’s happiness at that moment. He reached his hand out to caress his lover’s cheek, but shudder when she turned into mist. From behind, he heard a giggle belonged to a man. Adam turned his head and saw Father Ayah, looking so amused since he didn’t want to hide it. “Is anything we are going to do, related to her?” Anyone who saw and heard Adam at that moment would know he was hoping for a miracle. He was changing, he was unlike himself a few moments ago. Adam couldn’t think anymore. The thought of his lover in his arms blinded him. He would sacrifice any part of him for that thought to turn into reality. There was a suspenseful silence between Adam Paimon and Father Ayah as he took his time to answer Adam’s question before he move his head and nod. “Yes, my child.” On that precise moment, after countless years of sorrow, Adam Paimon curved his lips and smile again. He believed he was the happiest creature ever. Nothing could make him sad now, he literally could die happy. A cough from another creature made him realise that he wasn’t alone. Now Adam’s attention was Father Ayah’s. “You have to know the details, my child,” Adam smirked playfully and sarcastically said, “You know I will agree to anything right now.” Father Ayah does not seem bothered by Adam’s words. Instead, he seemed enlightened by them. “Oh I sure am, my child. But we all know what did I told you about listening to my child’s voice, right?” He raised an eyebrow, teasing Adam. “Sure, let me know the details then, Father Ayah.” Father Ayah gasped, his eyes were wide open and suddenly he started to sob. “Oh, I know you are going to say my name, but hearing it myself hits different.” Adam had no choice but to shake his head in annoyance. Who would have imagine that this creature in front of him which cried after Adam said his name has the power to destroy everything. “Can we skip the creepy parts, and get to the details? I want my lover back.” “As you wish, my child.” In an instant, Father Ayah’s sobs stopped. His eyes were dry like he wasn’t crying like a maniac a few moments ago. When Adam witnessed how fast Father Ayah could change, he made a mind note to himself that nothing could surprise him anymore. Then the awkward silence came again. Adam was expecting Father Ayah to say creepy things which will make him uncomfortable, but seeing Father Ayah standing still and not saying anything was way creepier. So, Adam made a decision to break the silence. “Don’t you need to say something? Anything?” Father Ayah was startled for some reason, but everyone knows it was just an act, you couldn’t surprise a creature that knows the future. “Oh sorry, I was enjoying one of my child’s best moment which will haunt her entire life… pretty soon.” Then Father Ayah smiled, like he was innocent and haven’t done anything suspicious a few moments before. Adam was feeling sick of Father Ayah’s irrational and unpredictable behaviour, and the fact that Father Ayah could predict his every behaviour, even his thought was not making things better. However, if that is the sacrifice that he would have to make for the sake of being happy with his lover again, then he shall pay the price. Nothing is free, after all. “I have a question for you, my child. Do you enjoy being a mortal?” asked Father Ayah. Adam did not expect that question, and on that moment all his memories and experiences as a mortal rushed to his mind at once just like waterfall. Being born as one of the powerful demons in the whole universe, but trapped in a mortal body was like a dragon trapped in a tiny cage. He felt like a prisoner, and he would never think of experiencing that again. He glared his angry amber eyes to Father Ayah’s calming white orbs. “‘Enjoy’ being a mortal? I despise being a mortal!!!! Do you know how terrible I felt, when I know my true power, yet I am disgustingly weak? ” Adam saw Father Ayah mouthed ‘I do’, shook his head in annoyance and continued his answer fuelled by frustration from the past. “If I am too cold, I will die. Too hot, I will die. Eat too much, die. Eat nothing, die. I never experienced tiredness before being a mortal, but once I was a mortal, that was what I felt almost all the time. Not to mention I have to walk, which is in my opinion is useless but since I could not do anything about it, I have no choice!!!! And the thing I hate the most was I can’t murder another creature in the blink of an eye. I need to have a solid reason to murder another mortal, and if I don’t I will be wasting my life.” Adam sighed and then smile a little. “Well, at least I wasn’t pure mortal. There were times when I could be in my demon form. And being weak knowing I am powerful keep me sane. Why do you ask?” Father Ayah smiled again and he gave Adam an I-know-you-are-not-God-but-you-know-the-answer look. Seeing Father Ayah’s reaction, Adam couldn’t stop himself but scream on top of his lung. “I need to be a mortal again.” Father Ayah slightly shook his head and said, “Forever, actually.” There was silence for a few moments, before Adam nervously swore under his breath and asked, “But I can still change into my true form, right?” Father Ayah gave what seemed like a genuine smile (we never know) and said, “My child, you will be pure mortal.” There was horror in Adam’s eyes and everything went silent, again. “I WILL BE WEAK FOREVER?!!,” Adam screamed on top of his lungs. Father Ayah acted like Adam’s scream was too loud and clasped his hands over his ears even though no sound can bother him, except one maybe. “Correction, until you die. Like mortals.” Adam was furious. Nonsense, he thought. Who would go through that trouble, to be a mortal once again? Adam promised himself to never put his future self in that kind of trouble. Creatures on their right mind would never go through such messy and annoying trouble. However, was Adam on his right mind? Being a mortal with a lover by his side doesn’t seem too bad. “That is all, right?” Adam asked, ready to change his own life for the sake of a better life. A life he could only before, but not for long. He was expecting with hope so high like a mountain that Father Ayah would say ‘Yes, my child’, instead the hairless god laughed his head off as if Adam just told him a good joke. If Adam looked closely, he could see tears from Father Ayah’s eyes when he was laughing. However, Adam was puzzled by Father Ayah’s reaction and eager to know what cause the god to laugh like that. “No, my child. I am creating a new being here. This is not about you and me, my child. This is about everything.”

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