An Era Anew

An Era Anew

This short contains the triumph of Renata Naasz. It covets the moment she'd suffered for nearly all her life. She turns a new leaf in history. Resetting what it means to be royalty. Join her in celebrating this day! Name Meanings: Renata - Reborn Kerne - Dark Balavan - Powerful Eldin - Old Friend (Short inspired by Queen Elizabeth Ist)

Chapter 1

The moment the King set the crown on her head, the Ancient Statue collapsed. Cracks manifested themselves as though prompted by some unseen force. Then, all at once, Kerne’s likeness toppled. Upon impact, it splintered into pebbled crumbs. 

All stared, unmoving. Frozen shock claiming their bodies. An era has turned over. A new one just beginning – with Renata at the helm. King Balavan bowed his head as he stepped down off of the dais on which the throne was set. He stood, equal with the rest for the first time in his long authoritarian life. 

From his – No! Her throne, the former King seemed so… ineffectual. Not at all the tyrant she’d been brought before the previous time she’d graced him with her presence. In this very hall with chains clasping her wrists; when she’d been sentenced to Eldin.

Regardless, this public performance of subservience brought the attention back to the front of the room. It sobered those who witnessed his final act of leadership. An act of infirmity. 

Renata took this moment of reverence as her cue to speak. She stood and ensured her gaze met all in attendance, “I am Renata Naasz. You will not bow to me nor anyone else. As I refuse to submit to any, you shan’t accede either. I will face every threat to my reign unyielding and with sword in hand. Any threat to me is a looming menace to you. All who stand in my way will fall. I am a cog in a grand scheme. One solely meant to protect my people. No more fear. No more exploitation or aristocratic venality. It ends now. It ends with me, – for I have been named Queen.

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