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An account of Random Fantastic Times

By @MindofRealms

CHAPTER 2 - Part 1

Jerry and Drake felt unmotivated. But they weren’t gonna stop. Jerry had an idea.

“Are sure about this?” pressed Drake. “What if we get caught?”

“I’ve done my research. Trust me. We won’t.” Jerry said. “This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life.”

“So you’re telling me a spiritual expert told you the spirits have revealed there are aliens in the universe? How do you know it’s true?” pressed Drake.

“Because I’m an alien from the blue planet. I want to reveal the existence of our species to you humans.” said Jerry.

“Wait…so the whole spirits story is a lie.” Drake said.

“Yes, I couldn’t tell you the truth…not yet, but I can now.” said Jerry.

“Well?” said Drake.

“So, the reason the forbidden disrectict is forbidden is because it is the government headquarters where they had been hiding their involvement with the Blue Planet.

MEANWHILE… There was a man who lived in this world in which this story takes place. A vast world, full of unsuspecting surprises. Alfred lived in the City of Darkness. There was much corruption in this city, although being new he wasn’t quite familiar with the place. He walked through the middle of the gray concrete that was made of the street. He had rather fast paced music playing in his ears, making him rather partially unaware of his surroundings. He was hungry, and wanted to find a place where he could buy some food, but he was in the clothes district, and there was nowhere he could find that had free Wifi. He was listening to the music on his saved playlist. He continued on, the neon lights and signs filling the view behind him. As he was walking, he saw a figure in the shadows of an alleyway, who was standing over a dead body, but it barely moved. He contined

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